Looking for a job but not sure if using temp job agencies is the way to go? Despite what you may have heard, they are a great way to find the next job opportunity. That’s why we’re debunking the four most common myths about employment companies.


Myth 1: I can’t make a living as a temp worker

Many people associate temp job agencies with low wage jobs at no-name companies that only last for a few weeks. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Many offer long-term temporary assignments at well-known companies that offer great wages. According to Inavero and CareerBuilder, more than one-third of US companies have used a temp job agency in the past year. A temporary assignment can also lead to a permanent one or a brand new career that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Myth 2: Temp job agencies don’t have enough work for me

A recent CareerBuilder study cited that the number of temporary jobs is projected to grow by 13 percent in the next five years. Add to that a major skills gap in many industries that it’s causing a major labor shortage. Construction companies are having a hard time finding workers, especially with green building becoming less of a trend and more like the norm. The HVAC industry is also experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage making these technicians in very high demand.


Myth 3: Staffing agencies only specialize in temporary jobs

The world of staffing agencies has evolved into places where you can find all sorts of positions, temporary and otherwise. Temp-to-perm and direct hire opportunities are provided to companies from family-owned to Fortune 500 businesses.  Because staffing agencies do the legwork of finding and even vetting candidates before they go in for an interview, more companies are looking to these agencies to help with all of their staffing needs. To further debunk this myth, the same report from Inavero and CareerBuilder says that approximately 3 in 10 people who got a job through an employment agency have received a permanent position.


Myth 4: Temp job agencies only cater to white-collar jobs

With cooks, retail workers and groundskeepers among the fastest growing blue-collar temporary jobs in 2015, staffing agencies are working harder than ever to fill jobs in all types of industries. Many are becoming niche agencies, specializing on specific sectors of the work force that were underserviced in the past. Labor Finders, for example, put everyone from electricians to hotel staff back to work each and every day for the past 40 years.  

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