Now Staffing Light Industrial Workers

Plant managers like you often need construction workers due to busy seasons and high turnover. When the unemployment rate is low, that job becomes even more challenging, especially if you try to do it alone.  

If the thought of being on social media or scanning trainable candidates is too much work on top of trying to keep your business on track, working with an industrial staffing agency like Labor Finders can be an enormous help. 

We understand how important it is to provide talented and flexible industrial workers and be a business partner our clients can depend on. That dedication to stellar customer service is what’s helped us win Clearly Rated Best of Staffing multiple years in a row 

Explore Our Light Industrial Staffing Services 

We're proud to offer various quality services to the industrial industry. Whether you need assembly workers or skilled workers such as technicians, machinists, fabricators, or more, we can help. You can be confident when you work with us because we guarantee we will find you the right industrial worker(s) for your industrial staffing needs. 

General Labor Industrial Staffing 

General laborers are the hard-working people who keep warehouses and factories running smoothly. General laborers perform various duties under the direct supervision of your more experienced workers. They’re counted on to assist their work teams with whatever they need to complete the job. Because they are always required for various tasks, we’ve sourced a pool of reliable general laborers who are reliable, willing to learn, and not afraid of hard work. 

General Industrial Labor Staffing
Temp To Hire Light Industrial Staffing

Temp-to-Hire Light Industrial Staffing 

Whether a labor shortage or inflation is at an all-time high, many businesses can’t afford to make a permanent hire only to find that it isn’t a good fit. That’s why we provide our clients with temp-to-hire staffing so you can try a new employee out before hiring them permanently. In this type of hiring arrangement, an employee is hired for an agreed-upon time frame, and at the end of the probationary period, we can decide whether or not to make the hire permanent. 

Seasonal Light Industrial Staffing Services 

When your business gets busy during certain times of the year, hiring seasonal staff to add to your existing workforce is the way to go. Seasonal workers usually only require a little training as they have experience working seasonal jobs. At Labor Finders, we source seasonal workers who can help with the extra workload so your permanent employees aren't overwhelmed or fill in for a worker on leave. Seasonal work can be much more labor intensive and may require longer hours than the typical temporary position. However, experienced seasonal workers like the ones we recruit for our clients can come to expect it, so you can feel confident that they're up to the task. 

Seasonal Light Industrial Staffing

Available Light Industrial Workers Across a Wide Range of Industries  

We excel at staffing the most dependable and skilled workers for our client's projects at Labor Finders. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of quality industrial workers, such as: 

  • Electronic Assemblers

  • Inventory Control Clerks

  • Mailroom Clerks

  • Materials Handlers

  • Pickers and Packers

  • Production Line Workers

  • Technicians

  • Returns Clerks

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Stocking Clerks

  • Warehouse Workers

  • ... And More!

Light Industrial Recruiting and Employment Services 

When you partner with an industrial staffing agency like Labor Finders, you get more than just quality workers. We also handle the services and the administrative costs associated with bringing on temporary staff, such as: 

  • Creating and advertising job postings online 

  • Providing safety equipment 

  • Payroll and administrative costs

  • Social Security and unemployment 

  • Federal and state taxes 

  • Workers' Compensation 

  • Sick time and medical insurance 

  • Background checks, interviews, skill testing, and drug testing

Do you have a light industrial staffing need that isn't listed here? Our pool of workers changes every day, so please contact us or inquire within your local Labor Finders office at any time. We'll find workers with the skill set you're looking for.

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