Think construction jobs are just about hard labor and low pay? Think again! There's a world of opportunity waiting for you in the construction industry, and it's not just about breaking a sweat. You can build a lucrative career with these seven high-paying jobs that offer stability, growth, and fulfillment. If you're ready to explore the possibilities and carve out your path in construction, read on to learn about the highest-paying jobs in construction. 

Average Annual Salary: $65,573 

Electrical power-line installers and repairers are responsible for the power grids that service homes and businesses. Their work includes installing power lines and maintaining equipment like traffic lights, voltage regulators, and transformers. The job also calls for climbing utility poles, driving vehicles, and working in confined spaces. People in this profession work full-time schedules but may also work overtime in emergencies. 


2. Power Plant Operator 

Average Annual Salary: $97,010 

While power line installers and repairers maintain electrical lines and equipment, power plant operators manage the plants producing the power. They are responsible for working with power-generating equipment, detecting operating problems, adjusting the flow of electricity, and reading meters. Because managing a plant is a 24/7 job, this blue-collar job has a rotating schedule of eight—to twelve-hour shifts. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 

3. Boilermakers 

Average Annual Salary: $67,326 

Workers in this blue-collar job install and maintain boilers, closed vats, and any other structures that hold gases and liquids. Following blueprints, assembling pre-fabricated parts, testing boiler systems, and replacing broken pipes are just a few things boilermakers do on the job. Most people in this blue-collar job work full-time plus overtime as needed, traveling to worksites. Some end up working away from home for long periods of time. 

Source: Indeed 

4. Aircraft Mechanic 

Average Annual Salary: $67,171 

Airlines and aviation companies depend on these mechanics to keep their aircraft up and running. That means identifying any electrical problems, replacing defective parts, testing gauges, and keeping accurate maintenance records. They can be found working in hangars and airfields, repairing aircraft like jets, planes, and helicopters. This blue-collar job calls for rotating eight-hour shifts that include weekends. 

Source: ZipRecruiter 

5. Construction and Building Inspectors 

Average Annual Salary: $67,700 

Construction and building inspectors are tasked with making sure the homes and buildings we live in are safe and up to code. They review and approve building plans that meet local ordinances, building codes, and zoning rules. People in this construction job visit construction sites to check buildings and structures using various tools like survey instruments and metering devices. If a project doesn’t comply with codes or other regulations, construction and building inspectors have the authority to issue violation notices. As for work schedules, people in this profession work full-time during normal business hours.  

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 

6. Underwater Welders 

Average Annual Salary: $60,797 

This construction job takes these specialized welders underwater to weld piping, inspect structures, and perform repairs. Not only do these day laborers need to be experienced welders, but they must also have a diving certification. They’re also responsible for doing scheduled maintenance and quality control. These welders find most of their work on oil rigs and Navy ships. As a result, their work schedule can be intense – months out at sea and 80-hour work weeks. 


Average Annual Salary: $62,980 

From factories to power plants, millwrights are the day laborers who maintain all of the heavy equipment and machinery. This blue-collar job involves assembling new equipment, installing machines on a job site, and repairing existing machines. Because their work can vary from project to project, millwrights have flexible schedules as contractors.  

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 


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