Staffing agencies have been around for decades, some even getting a bad rap. However, these recruiting businesses provide enormous benefits to companies across many industries. That’s why we’re discussing the four biggest benefits of partnering with an experienced staffing agency.

Find the Right Workers

Putting up a great job posting is only half the battle of trying to fill a job. The next is filtering through all of those applications, performing interviews, skills tests, and more. Finding the right workers for your job position takes time—time away from running your business. When you partner with a staffing company with experience in your industry, they’ve already done all that work for you. They have skilled and vetted employees they can send to you, even at a moment’s notice. If the job position you’re advertising for has special requirements, staffing specialists can handle vetting potential candidates so you can focus on running your business.

Save Money on Staffing Costs

Payroll, Federal taxes, background checks, advertising jobs—finding and maintaining temporary staff can be a costly endeavor. When profit margins are already tight, you want to cut costs without sacrificing your company projects. Staffing agencies shoulder these costs and so much more because it’s the heart of their business. From paying online job boards to post your open position to handling worker’s compensation, you can think of your staffing agency as an outsourced human resources department. They’ll not only find the workers you need but handle all the costs associated with having them work for you.

Take Advantage of Their Vast Network of Skilled Tradespeople

When your open job positions require skilled tradespeople, it may require even more time on your part to recruit them. From writing detailed job descriptions to checking skills and certifications, you have to be doubly sure you’re making the right hire. Staffing agencies can save you serious time finding anyone from a certified flagger to an underwater welder. They have a vast network of skilled tradespeople who have a proven track record of performing great work for various clients. The best part? The staffing agency can get these workers on your job site as soon as you need them.

Get the Workers You Need When You Need Them

Only need servers for one event? Does your warehouse need extra workers for the holiday season? Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to find and hire temporary workers, you can partner with a staffing agency that already dispatches temporary, seasonal, and even temp-to-hire staff daily. Another advantage to having a staffing agency get these workers for you instead of getting them yourself is they handle all the administrative costs related to bringing temp staff on board.


Are you ready to partner with a staffing agency that puts your needs and business goals first? Click here to learn more about working with a staffing agency that has won The Best in Staffing for over 10 years.

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