Did you know that there’s a serious shortage of warehouse workers going on right now? And with the holiday season coming up, they’re going to need all the people they can hire. If you’ve wanted to work in this industry, here are 4 types of jobs you should apply to right now.


Forklift Driver

The workers operating these machines are responsible for taking and storing products both in and out of the warehouse. Forklift drivers make sure boxes, barrels, and pallets of holiday goods are placed in the right area of a warehouse, make it on and offloading docks, and properly stored. They’re also in charge of making sure items are packed and labeled correctly before they’re even moved. Other job responsibilities include maintaining the forklift, cleaning up their work area, and keeping records of what they’ve done that day.

The Skills You Need: Aside from being certified, you should have great coordination, be able to communicate well with others, and know how to stay organized.


Shipping and Receiving Worker

There has to be a team of people who oversee everything that goes in and out of a warehouse especially during a busy holiday season. That’s where Shipping and Receiving workers come in. They inspect and record all incoming and outgoing shipments – from products to the boxes a warehouse needs to pack them in. They check to make sure the orders that come in aren’t damaged, missing any items, and are exactly what the company ordered. They coordinate with shipping departments and delivery carriers to make sure products are shipped out on time.

The Skills You Need: In this job you have to be organized, thorough, physically fit, and know how to manage your time.



If no one can find the products needed to fill holiday orders, it can bring the whole warehouse operation to a standstill. Stockers make sure that shelves are not only stocked but that each item is clearly labeled with the appropriate inventory codes. They’re in charge of unloading incoming shipments, getting them to their appropriate storage areas, and keeping these areas clean and orderly.

The Skills You Need: As a stocker, you need to be physically fit to stock shelves, know how to multi-task, and have great attention to detail.


Picker and Packer

In this warehouse job, you’ll be transforming an online shopping cart into a physical package that goes out to a customer. With online ordering at an all-time high, warehouses are going to be hiring like crazy for this position. First, these workers print order tickets, find those order items in the warehouse, and scan their barcodes for inventory purposes. Then it’s time to pack them up, making sure they’re wrapped up and put in labeled boxes in a way that keeps them intact during shipping. Pickers and packers are also in charge of keeping up with inventory.

The Skills You Need: This entry-level job requires having basic math skills, great attention to detail, and the ability to handle the physical demands of the job including handling big items and being on your feet all day.



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