Just landed a job interview for a labor position and need tips on how to impress the staffing manager? We turned to someone who interviews and places associates (aka job applicants) on a regular basis - Bryan Slembrouck, the Branch Operations Manager at Labor Finders in Petaluma, CA. He shares his tips and tricks for acing a job interview.

What types of positions do you typically interview for?

Bryan Slembrouck: In the Petaluma Office we interview for all positions. We spend about 5-10 minutes with general laborers. We are looking for work experience, skills and what they want to do. We usually get a good feel for where they are in life, what their challenges are and how we can fit them into the work schedule. With skilled positions such as carpenters, welders or heavy equipment mechanics, we spend 20-30 minutes. We are covering skills and experience mostly. We are also trying to get a feel for personality. This is important - to fit a skilled person with a customer.

Tell us about last job interview you’ve done where an associate really shined. What did they do that really impressed you?

Bryan Slembrouck: The last really good applicant was named Mark. Mark came in for general labor recruitment. He had a spotty work history but claimed to be semi-skilled. I asked him about a couple of skills I was looking for, for a temp to hire position we had open. When we began speaking what really stuck out was the pride he showed in his accomplishments. He was proud of the skills he had learned. When he was discussing his skills he explained that he did a lot of side jobs for cash. He has more experience than shows on paper. Many of the people we hire have experience from "side jobs". Applicants seem almost embarrassed that they have worked for cash. One of the most important things Mark did was to show his pride in what he has done and what he can do.

What are the top three things an associate should do during a job interview?

Bryan Slembrouck: 1. Know the value of your skills. 2. Take pride in ALL accomplishments. 3. Have a goal.

What are three things an associate does in a job interview that can sabotage their chances of landing the job?

Bryan Slembrouck: 1. The opposite of the top 3. 2. Resumes longer than one page. 3. Not ready to be hired, i.e. improper ID for hiring purposes.


Visit or Call Bryan Labor Finders Petaluma 620 East Washington Street Suite 202 Petaluma, CA 94952 Phone: 707-559-8686


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