Whether you’re applying for a full-time position or a day labor job, having a resume can truly set you apart from other candidates vying for the same job. Here are seven tips for crafting the best resume.

Have a Professional Email Address

Many people use their email addresses to show off their personalities. Unfortunately, the creative one you set up doesn’t have a place on your resume. Make sure you have a professional email address to use on your resume (you can’t go wrong with one that includes your full first and last name).

Don’t Skip the Professional Summary

The professional summary, a snapshot of your skills and work experience, is not just reserved for those in the white-collar jobs. Use this space to give a general overview of your talents and highlight your career accomplishments. It can be a well-written paragraph or a short list of bullet points.

Include Key Words from the Job Description

It’s always a good idea to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for. Look at the job description and find keywords and phrases. Does it use “office administrator” instead of “administrative assistant”? Is the job calling for commercial carpenters instead of just skilled one? Make sure your summary and experience use those words and phrases to show that you not only took the time to read the job description but understand what the company is looking for.

Only List Relevant Job Experience

Another step to tailoring your resume is only including relevant experience, especially if you have a long employment history. If the job is looking for plumbers, for example, only list the plumbing jobs you’ve had and not clutter your resume with other positions that have nothing to do with the job you’re applying for. Don’t have much work experience? Make sure you highlight those skills that would serve the employer well (i.e. transferable skills) in each job description. Also make sure you start your resume with your most recent employment and work backward.

Condense Your Short-Term Jobs

Had a lot of temporary jobs that were all through the same temp agency? List the agency as the employer and describe the different jobs you’ve had in the job description. If this isn’t the case, just list the years you’ve worked in each job instead of including specific start and end dates.

Don’t Forget the List of Certifications

Make sure your resume isn’t missing a list of any skilled trade certifications you have, especially if the job you’re applying for calls for it.

Make Your Resume Easy to Read

When it comes to the physical look of your resume, simple and clean is the way to go. Skip the fancy fonts and layouts and go for an easy-to-read format with your name and contact information at the top, and a clear title for each section. Also, make sure your resume fits on one page.

Now that your resume is good to go, are you ready for the next step? Click here to find open positions in your area!

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