There’s no doubt that the Great Recession has changed the employment landscape for today’s workforce. Hopping from one permanent position to another is no longer taboo and there’s a surge in temp jobs. US staffing companies employed an average of 3.26 million temp and contract workers in the third quarter of 2014 according to the American Staffing Association. With so many options, which type of work is right for you?

Look for a Temp Job If:

Not sure what you want to do

Love carpentry? Want to try your hand at welding? Temporary day labor jobs allow you to do both, especially if they require little to no experience. With assignments that last from one day to several weeks, going this route allows you to try different industries until you find the right one (while getting paid for it).

Need to build up your skill set

When you know what you want to do but don’t have the experience to fill a full-time position, a temp job can help you with that. Landing assignments with a variety of different businesses gives you invaluable on-the-job training when full-time entry-level ones are scarce.

Thrive on change and flexibility

Perfect for those who like to change-up work environments, meeting new co-workers and flexible hours, temp jobs are the way to go. To make sure you have a steady stream of job options, work with a labor staffing agency like Labor Finders.

Want to try a company out

If you’re not sure whether that large construction company or family owned plumbing business is right for your, taking a temp job is a good move. It allows you to try it out before committing to a full-time employment partnership.

Need a job until you find the right one

While there are many more job opportunities now than a few years ago, when you find yourself unemployed with your dream job nowhere in sight, a temporary job can hold you over in the meantime. Unlike permanent jobs, which may have a lengthy hiring process, getting a temporary job is much easier and can get money in your hands a lot faster.

Look for a Permanent Job If:

You’re looking to change jobs

If you current job offers no room for advancement or simply isn’t the right fit anymore, it’s best to look for a permanent position. Since you’re already working, you have the time (and the money) to look for the right position and go through the interview process.

Know what you want to do and looking to start a career

Look for a permanent position if starting from the bottom and working your way to a fulfilling blue-collar career is what you’ve always wanted to do. Going through a staffing agency is especially helpful because they have access to a whole host of jobs that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

You’ve been temping long enough

If you feel like you’ve been jumping from assignment to assignment for far too long, a more permanent position is in order. The good news is temporary work on a resume isn’t nearly as frowned upon as it used to be. Just be sure to highlight the skills you’ve learned along the way and how you can be a great asset to the company you would like to work for.

From temporary warehouse jobs to permanent restaurant jobs, Labor Finders has you covered! Click here to find open positions near you.

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