Going back into the workforce after an extended period of time can be a daunting task. Luckily there are four things you can do that can help you land the job you’re looking for.


One of things you can do when you’re looking to get back into the workforce after a long absence is to reach out to your network and let them know you’re looking for a new job. Re-connect with old coworkers on LinkedIn or email a former supervisor. Catch them up on what you’ve been up to and what type of employment you’re looking for. They may have a position open or can serve as a job reference. Friends, family and even your neighbors can refer you to opportunities at their places of employment as well. You can also begin networking with people you don’t know through social media groups and trade organizations made up of others who are doing the same type of work you used to do.

Update Your Resume

Before you start filling out those job applications, take a look at your resume. Aside from making sure your contact information is up to date and there aren’t any grammatical errors, you may need to make some additional changes. If you’re looking to get back to the job you were doing before, make sure it highlights your skills along with any new ones you picked up while out of work. If you’re looking to start a whole new career, make sure your experience is centered around those skills that will be valuable in your new job path. It’s also a good idea to include any relevant volunteer work you’ve done during your time out of the workforce.

Be Flexible

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a considerable amount of time, it can be difficult to get the same exact job you had before. So to avoid being disappointed (and out of work) any longer than necessary, it’s important to be flexible in the types of jobs you apply to. Be open to taking part-time work or a job that you may be a bit overqualified for so you can ease back into the working world. Temporary assignments are perfect for getting your foot in the door in a new career and a new company while giving you the important skills you need to get ahead and into a permanent position.

Get Help

A job search can be tough even for someone who hasn’t left the workforce at all. Luckily there are staffing agencies that specialize in putting people like you back to work. With access to a wide array of jobs in different industries, they do a lot of the job search work for you as well as help you be the best employee you can be.

If you’re ready to get back to work, click here to find the latest job opportunities near you!

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