Seasonal workers vs. Temporary workers – is there a difference?

While they both only work for a set period of time and aren’t considered part of a business’s permanent staff, there are key differences between them. To make sure you make the best staffing decisions for your business, we’re breaking down the four you need to know.

Seasonal Employees Add to an Existing Workforce

When your business gets busy during certain times of the year, hiring seasonal staff to add to your existing workforce is the way to go. Seasonal workers usually don’t require much training as they have experience working seasonal jobs. They can help with the extra workload so your permanent employees aren’t overwhelmed. Temporary workers are better suited to replace employees for a period of time. They may fill in for a worker that’s on leave or you may want to try out an employee before bringing them on full-time.

Seasonal Employees Tend to Work 6 Months or Less

Workers who go after seasonal employment are usually only looking to work for a few months such as during the holiday season or during peak construction times. If the demand for your business only peaks during certain times of the year, bringing on seasonal workers during those busy seasons will be beneficial. However, if your business is experiencing a high demand that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, you may be better off recruiting temporary workers who are looking for longer-term or even permanent placement.

Seasonal Employees May Have Other Employment

Because seasonal work is available at the same time every year and provides a lot of flexible work options, workers who take up these assignments may do so to earn more money while working their regular job. Unlike temporary workers who are either trying out different careers or looking to gain experience in a skilled trade, seasonal workers may just want the extra income. So, if you’re looking for workers to add to your current team on a long-term or even permanent basis, recruiting temporary workers is your best bet.

Seasonal Work Can Be Much More Intense than Temporary Assignments

From working overnight fulfilling online orders to working the cash registers during Black Friday sales, seasonal work can be much more labor intensive and may require longer hours than the typical temporary position. Experienced seasonal workers can come to expect it but those who are newer to working a seasonal job may not know what the work entails. To ensure that you’re not only recruiting the right seasonal workers but those who will stay until the busy season is over, be clear about the job expectations in the job descriptions.


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