For women searching for work in the current job market, competitive pay, fast and easy training, flexible hours, and a healthier work process are all highly desirable traits in any work position. The vast majority of blue-collar work offers all of these benefits.

Competitive Pay

Blue collar work is often able to offer competitive pay because skilled laborers tend to offer concrete products and highly valuable services that many people and companies are willing to pay top dollar to have done correctly and swiftly. Many blue-collar worker positions start with salaries of $50,000 or more per year. When you also factor in the notion that you don't need to go to college in order to start working in a blue-collar position, you can save even more money for yourself and your family to help increase your quality of life.


This is one of the most powerful aspects of blue-collar work. Instead of spending somewhere around $30,000 for a college education, you can spend a few months getting hands-on, closely supervised, paid on-the-job training from an expert in your particular industry. The vast majority of companies looking for blue-collar workers offer on-the-job training, but there are also third-party agencies who will train you in a certain blue-collar field for a fee. This is a great advantage to blue-collar work over white-collar work because you don't need years of education or experience to start working and earning money.

Family-Friendly Hours

When working with a recruitment agency like Labor Finders, you will access to blue-collar work on a day-to-day basis. This means that, if a family emergency, school event, vacation, or other issue arises, you can choose not to work on a particular day. This opens up your schedule for your family or leisure as you need it. Some blue-collar companies also offer flexible or standard schedules. With flexible schedules, you can work as you need to in order to earn money and work around the school schedule of your children or any other plans you may have. With a standard, consistent schedule, your life can be made easier because you know exactly when you have to work and when you get off so that you can make plans far into the future (vacations, medical procedures, etc.).

Instant Health Benefits

Not medical insurance necessarily, but actual benefits to your physical health. At most blue-collar jobs, you will be standing, bending, lifting, and walking throughout most of your day. This gives you the exercise that you need on a daily basis in order to stay healthy without the need to waste time with exercise videos at home or waste money on a gym membership. Excessive sitting, as is done at most white-collar jobs, is so unhealthy that it can actually reduce your lifespan by years!

Get in touch with Labor Finders today in order to start looking for blue-collar opportunities near you!

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