Whether you’re watering a lawn or acres of crops, irrigation specialists are needed to get this landscaping job done. They are the skilled workers behind these types of water systems. It’s a great career choice for people looking to level up in the landscaping industry. What exactly does an irrigation specialist do? Their job can be broken down into two major parts:


Irrigation specialists are called on to design water systems for places like farms, golf courses, and housing developments. They meet with clients to discuss the project, using their knowledge of different irrigation systems and how they work. Then they visit the site to take measurements, locate the main water supply, and mark existing water pumping equipment like sprinkler heads. Irrigation specialists check water meters and water pressure. Once they’ve collected all the information they need, they put together a design for the irrigation system using computer software. This will serve as the blueprint workers will use in the installation process. These designs have valuable information like pipe sizes, irrigation zones, where to install equipment, and the materials needed to install the system.


Another major part of an irrigation specialist’s job is to install watering systems. It starts with ordering parts and equipment such as sprinklers, valves, pipes, and water controls. Then the ground needs to be prepared for the irrigation piping and equipment that needs to be installed. Connecting to the water supply, installing pipes, running sprinkler wires, and flushing lines are just a few of the tasks that go into putting together an irrigation system. Following the design, an irrigation specialist may do the actual installation work or oversee a team of general laborers on the job site. These landscape specialists are also responsible for making sure the irrigation system is installed according to the design plans, doesn’t go over budget, and completed by the project deadline. Irrigation specialists may also have to test the systems to make sure they’re working efficiently and troubleshoot any problems that may come up.

How to Get a Job as an Irrigation Specialist

There are a couple of ways to get started as an irrigation specialist. Some hiring managers may want someone who has formal training under their belt. You may need to get a certificate or two-year degree where they learned the basics of design and irrigation installation. Other landscaping jobs may allow you to learn on the job, doing entry-level work like fixing valves or sprinkler heads. If you want to get a more lucrative landscaping position with a higher salary, getting certified is the way to go. The Irrigation Association, for example, offers resources and courses to get certified in this landscaping career.


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