Besides showing up to work on time and doing stellar work, being a great blue collar worker includes taking care of yourself! Here are five things you can do to stay healthy as a blue collar worker.

Wear The Right Clothes

When working outdoors it’s very important to wear clothes that protect against the elements. During warmer months, dress in fabrics that are lightweight, have UV protection, and help control sweat. Wearing wide brim hats, sunglasses, and putting on sunscreen are great for blocking out the sun and it’s damaging rays. If you find yourself working outside in cooler months, be sure to layer your clothing and keep your extremities warm with hats and gloves.

Stay Hydrated

Making sure you’re drinking enough water is an important factor to staying healthy as a blue collar worker, especially if the work site is in the hot outdoors. Staying hydrated can keep away heat related illnesses while working and helps you stay alert and on task. It also gives you an excuse to take quick breaks. While a sports drink, juice, energy drinks or soda may seem like a good idea, you should steer clear of those. These types of drinks can actually make you feel worse due to the high sugar content.

Eat Right

Along with drinking enough water, eating right is also key to staying healthy as a blue collar worker. Keep your energy levels up and avoid the mid-day slump by eating a combination of lean proteins, fruits, vegetable, and whole grains for all meals, including snacks. Be sure to take your time while eating so food can properly digest and you’re not working with an upset stomach. What you eat is just as important as when you eat, especially if you work night shifts. While your sleep schedule may not be like those with traditional work hours, you should aim to eat at the same times they do. For example, have lunch in the middle of the day instead of in the middle of your shift. Don’t skip breakfast and don’t let yourself get too hungry while catching up on sleep during the day.


Blue collar work can get strenuous and can make you prone to injury, especially those that come from doing repetitious tasks or being on your feet all day. Part of doing your best work is to keep your body in the best shape possible. Making exercise a part of your life can be a big help in achieving that. Doing a full-blown workout session at the gym or doing simple stretches before and after work can make a big difference.

Get Your Rest

Being drowsy from lack of sleep is not only unhealthy but can be a safety risk as a blue collar worker. That’s why it’s very important to get adequate rest at the end of the workday. Create and maintain a regular sleep schedule, including time to wind down before going to sleep. This is especially important to do if your shift is at night. Other things you can do to get a great night’s sleep during the day include sleeping in a cool room and putting up blackout blinds.


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