Start a Skilled Trade Career in Welding

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 418,200 welders were employed in 2020. With their knowledge of melting metals to create and repair everything from cars to pipes, these skilled trades people are in demand. Their job can include anything from creating circuit boards to breaking down ships and they work in a variety of industries like manufacturing, the military, and even car racing.

Learn more about this skilled trade including what the job involves, the types of job openings out there for welders, and how you can get your welding certification.

Jobs You Can Land in Welding

  • Construction Welders
  • Rig Welders
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Military Welders
  • Motorsports Welders
  • Boilermakers
  • Pipefitters
  • Structural Steel Welders
  • Underwater Welders
  • Manufacturing Welders
  • Industrial Welders
  • Shipyard Welders
What Welders Do

What Welders Do

A welder’s job is to join metals together to create a strong bond by using a hand-held or remotely controlled equipment that applies heat and/or pressure. There are different types of welding that are required to do various jobs such as TIG and MIG Welding.

How To Become A Welder

How to Become A Welder

Like many other skilled trades, you don’t need a four-year degree but rather a certification from a trade or technical school to become a welder. You can enroll in a general program that teaches the basics of the trade or go into a more specialized one program.

Welding Safety

Welding Safety

Welders need to protect themselves from common hazards such as burns, eye injuries, electrical shock, and exposure to dangerous fumes while working on the job. They also need to know how to work safely in confined spaces.


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