As storm season approaches, small businesses must prioritize preparedness to safeguard their operations and assets. This blog post offers essential tips and strategies to protect their job sites, ensure employee safety, and maintain business continuity. From developing comprehensive emergency plans to securing a job site when a storm is imminent, we provide practical and actionable steps you can start today.  

The Financial Impact of Storms on Small Businesses 

According to NOAA in 2023, weather disasters in the United States caused $1 billion in damages. Which included a winter storm across the northeast and four flooding events across many eastern and northeastern states. The 2024 Hurricane Season is expected to produce up to 13 hurricanes, seven are predicted to become significant storms (category three or higher). The impact of storms on small businesses that aren’t prepared for natural disasters can be even more disastrous. According to FEMA, 40% of small businesses don’t reopen after a major storm. Of those that do reopen, 25% fail within the first year. To ensure that your company survives the storm and can get back to business, it’s important to prepare well before the storm season starts. 

40% of small businesses don’t reopen after a major storm, and for those that do reopen, 25% fail within the first year.

How to Prepare Your Business for Storm Season 

Conducting a risk assessment without the pressures of an impending storm can help you get an accurate picture of potential hazards that can arise during a storm or natural disaster. Ascertain what parts of your building and work areas could be especially vulnerable to wind, water, or fire damage. Make a list of any items — from supplies to essential documents that may benefit from being moved to a safe space during the storm season. Ordering storm supplies and backing up files should also be done before storm season. You should also take the time to review your insurance policies, familiarizing yourself with what is and isn’t covered in your business. Finally, creating or updating an emergency plan encompassing storm preparation, in which employees are responsible for storm-prepping the company, laying out designated storm shelter spaces, and establishing communication protocols before, during, and after a storm.  

Protecting Your Work Site Before a Storm 

When your business is threatened by an impending storm, that emergency plan you created or updated before the start of the season comes into play. Part of that plan should include protecting your company’s physical property — from the building you work out of to construction sites: 

  • Shutter all windows and secure doors to protect them from wind damage and flying debris. 

  • Unplug all electrical equipment to protect against power surges.

  • Clear all trash, clean gutters and drains to reduce the chance of flooding, and minimize flying debris that can damage your property or surrounding businesses

  • Tie down plywood and metal sheets on the job site so they don’t fly around. 

  • Remove or lock down portable toilets. 

  • Store hazardous materials offsite in a safe location.

  • Place water pumps or install temporary drainage systems to minimize the effects of flooding and get a jump start on getting rid of flood waters after a storm. Sandbags and water barriers are also effective flood protection measures. 

  • Shut down and secure all heavy equipment and machinery before the impending storm.  

  • Turn off power at the job site and ensure the generators have the energy to run after the storm.

How to Protect Your Business After the Storm 

Once the weather has cleared up and is deemed safe to return to a job site, you and your fellow staff members should thoroughly inspect the work areas. Any damage, no matter how small, should be photographed and documented for future insurance claims. Afterward, the clean-up can begin, ensuring all workers do so safely. If you don’t have enough staff to clean-up a website after a storm, you can partner with a staffing agency like Labor Finders. We have reliable clean-up workers and other talented temporary staff to help get your business back on track after a storm. From prescreening both skilled and unskilled workers to handling all the administrative employee paperwork, you’ll have a partner you can rely on to get you through the challenges of the storm season. 


Are you ready to work with us this storm season? Click here to connect with your local branch manager!

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