Taking on a career in construction can be a rewarding opportunity for someone who enjoys a physical challenge. But the industry isn't just about brute strength and the sweat off your brow. There are other skills that are required to be successful ion the construction business that often get overlooked by both workers and the employers that hire them. Whether you're a brick layer, driller, welder, heavy equipment specialist, or anything else, it's important that you consider these frequently ignored abilities.

Individuals working in construction can become superstars on the job by being in tune with their project. Having an understanding of the industry and the project's purpose can help ensure that your work is efficient. By being aware of the end goal, as well as the environment around you can allow you to avoid costly set backs, reduce production time, and earn the admiration of your coworkers.


Critical Problem Solving

The world would be easy if there was never any conflict. Unfortunately, things aren't always going to go according to plan. Being able to adapt to the issues and pitfalls of a plan while working through disagreements or difficulties can make you a dynamic and well-respected asset to any construction crew.


Active Communication

Words are just as important as actions in the construction industry. Being able to negotiate is pivotal to winning projects, but being able to communicate the progress and any potential issues is vital for maintaining the success of projects. Learning to think before you speak and ensuring that you're both an active listener and communicator will help to keep projects on track and within budget.


Dedicated Teamwork

Most construction projects involve a team, so it should come as no surprise that being able to flex your teamwork is as important as flexing your muscles. Being able to work with other employees as well as those outside of your crew is crucial to success. Showing that you can lead just as well as you follow will help projects flow smoothly and give the best end results.


Big Picture Understanding

Being able to see the big picture is crucial to ensuring there are no wasted steps and that construction is on time and under budget. By understanding the greater scope of the work, you should be able to accurately manage your time, monitor your performance and assess the current status of the project. As you can see there are many other skills and abilities that are necessary to be successful in the construction industry. Being good with your hands and being willing to put in the hard physical labor day after day is no longer good enough to get ahead anymore. You will need to master not only these skills but others. However, these five frequently overlooked skills are a great place to start and will provide you with a foundation for success in any construction service.

What skills and abilities have you found important to your success in the industry? Or what skills do you wish your employees or coworkers had? Tell us in the comments below.

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