Managers like you often find themselves looking for workers due to special projects, high turnover, or busy seasons. When the unemployment rate is low, that job becomes even more challenging, especially if you try to do it alone.   

While platforms like Craigslist may be your first choice in finding temp workers, a staffing agency can be a better option. This article will delve into the benefits that often go unnoticed beyond hourly rates, taking a look at the advantages of working with a staffing service.   

One primary reason it's more advantageous to work with a staffing service over posting an ad on Craigslist? You'll recruit better temp and temp-to-hire employees. Here's why.  

You Have a Strong Relationship with Your Agency Recruiter  

When you work with a staffing agency you know and trust over a period of time, you naturally build a great working relationship. The branch manager learns your company's unique needs, culture, and the specific skills you require in potential hires. Armed with this knowledge, the branch manager can tailor their recruitment process to find candidates who meet the job requirements. It not only speeds up the process of hiring additional workers for your special projects but also ensures they integrate seamlessly with your existing staff.  

Staffing Agencies Handle All the Prescreening  

Prescreening is an essential part of the hiring process, and when you work with a staffing partner, they will handle all of that. Staffing services perform various checks for their clients, including criminal history, credit, driving records, skills, and references. Because the branch manager deeply understands your company and its unique needs, they'll know what type of prescreening is required for the job order. If you work with a company like Labor Finders, managers ensure their workers are good to work by having them visit the office before being dispatched to the job site.   

Get Candidates Before You Need Them  

The best staffing services understand the nuances of the industries they specialize in. This knowledge helps them respond to immediate requests and prepare for future ones. When a new construction project breaks ground or the busy season is a few weeks away, staffing services are busy building up a pool of workers. When a great candidate comes their way, they don't wait. Staffing services reach out to clients like you first. Checking in with clients regularly helps them anticipate your staffing needs so they can have the workers you need right when you need them.   

While getting great workers is always the goal when short-staffed, cost is also a factor. It may seem cheaper to use Craigslist over a staffing agency because it feels like you're cutting out the middleman, but there is value in using this service that goes beyond the hourly rate.  

  • Staffing Services cover the expenses of hiring an employee, including payroll, administration, benefits, taxes, and prescreening costs. While you may pay more for an employee, you save on these hiring costs.   

  • They handle training and certifications. Half the battle of finding skilled employees is finding those with the proper certifications. Staffing services like Labor Finders train workers to take on jobs like scaffolding and offer certification classes like those required for flaggers. 

  • They supply workers with gear and equipment. Shovels, harnesses, hard hats, gloves, buckets – work equipment can add up, especially if you have to buy extra for temp workers. When you work with a staffing service, that's one less cost you have to worry about. Since workers often have to stop into their office before they start work and afterward to get paid, staffing services like Labor Finders give them all the gear they need – at no cost to you!  

There are a myriad of benefits to using a staffing agency over Craigslist. The business relationship between companies like yours and hiring managers is invaluable, leading to a steady stream of quality workers. At Labor Finders, we pride ourselves on the long-lasting relationships we build with our clients, taking on all the costs of recruiting quality workers.    

Are you ready to work with us? Click here to connect with your local staffing partner.   

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