Whether you're eager to get a promotion at work, or simply want to keep the position you already have, it's crucial that you avoid workplace behaviors that have a negative impact on your career. While surfing the web for a few minutes or taking a quick personal call may seem harmless, simple actions like those can destroy all the hard work you've put in on the job. Learn which actions are most likely to sabotage your career and make sure you avoid them between nine to five.


Not Dressing the Part

Even when you're aware of the concept of dressing for success, if you don't follow it, it will do you no good. No matter how tempting it is to wear your khakis to work after a night of hard partying or to skip the pantyhose on a warm summer day, remember that successful employees always dress the part and project a professional image.


Engaging in Gossip

When you spend 40+ hours per week in the company of others, it's natural that some of their personal business will make its way into the workplace. Instead of passing on the juicy tidbits that you pick up during the course of conversation, keep them to yourself and become known as someone who can be trusted mind their own business.


Goofing Off

The next time you're tempted to read a few pages of the newspaper, text your BFF or email your paramour, think twice. While it may not seem like a big deal to steal a few minutes here and there from your work day, you never know who's watching and how easy it is to gain a reputation as a slacker. Save personal business for home and concentrate on work business while in the office.


Working Abbreviated Hours

No matter how hard it is to get ready in the morning or how tempted you are to beat the afternoon traffic by leaving work early, resist, resist, resist. Just like goofing off, working abbreviated hours is one of the quickest ways to brand yourself as someone who really doesn't care about the work or the company. Give your employer a full day's work for a full day's pay and you'll never go wrong.


Failing to Network

Even if you're not outgoing by nature, it's crucial that you take advantage of every chance to connect with others in your field. Whether in a work or social situation, grasp the chance to introduce yourself to others and develop those professional relationships that may be your key to taking the next step up the corporate ladder.


Adopting a Sense of Entitlement

Whether you're new to your job or have been at the company for years, remember that nothing turns people off like someone who thinks they're too good to perform small tasks. Pitch in wherever and whenever necessary by making a pot of coffee, copying that report that everyone's waiting on or picking up a ringing telephone. You'll be seen as a team player who isn't afraid to jump in as needed.



If you want your supervisor to get the idea that you're unhappy in your job, simply start complaining. Whether you unload yourself to a fellow worker or bend the ear of the top brass, realize that a disgruntled employee is often the first one to be replaced when staffing changes are made. If you have a serious complaint, by all means approach the appropriate person. If not, keep your thoughts to yourself and avoid engaging in negative chatter. When it comes to career self-sabotage, it's not usually a matter of not knowing or performing your job well. It's often a case of embracing negative workplace behaviors. Avoid making the biggest workplace blunders that most people make and watch your career take off as never before.

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