A professional social presence online has become ever more important for job seekers in recent years. With the advance and popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, creating and maintaining a professional image online is an important component of a job search. Career Builder discovered that 51 percent of employers looking for job candidates, research social media of prospective employees and found content that resulted in the employee not being hired. This amount increased from 43 percent in 2014 and 34 percent in 2012. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to create a professional presence on social media sites.

Create a Professional Profile or About Statement

One of the first things anyone checks on a social media page, is a person's profile or about statement. Go over your statement and make sure it reflects positively on your professional life and your image. It's fine to have statements concerning family and hobbies, but avoid statements that might are distasteful or non professional. Noting that you were the 'beer chugging' champion in your college sorority might not sit well with a future employer. Choose a professional image or picture for all social media sites. Avoid any controversial clothing or unprofessional poses or body language.

Survey and Remove Unprofessional Pictures

Not only is a professional page icon or image important, but so are all pictures posted on any social media site. Look at all pictures from the viewpoint of an employer and decide if you would hire yourself based on your images. Ensure any pictures showing political or controversial affiliations are removed. Also try to avoid your recent picture campaigning for your favorite candidate. Employers expect an employee to keep religion, politics and personal convictions separate from their professional image. Family pictures and cute animal pics always go far in presenting an unbiased, socially appropriate image!

Keep Posts Professional or Noncontroversial

Social media is often used to voice opinions or even to argue one's point. An employer doesn't want controversy and personal issues in a workplace, so likewise shy away from hiring employees who post controversial issues on their Facebook pages. A private blog would be a better venue for personal ideas than a social media page. Review all of your social media sites to ensure that posts or nonpolitical, nonreligious and noncontroversial.

Google Your Name

Experts suggest searching your name to review your online presence. There may be hidden sites, or pages that are long forgotten but need to be removed or edited to present a more professional presence. Google will also display any online pictures associated with a person's name, so delete any that do no present a professional image. With two in five companies ( 37%) using social media to evaluate employees, a work related, professional social presence goes far in attaining that dream job. Make a final check of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure they represent your professional image so employers will view you in a more positive light!


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