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Job searching mistakes are the reason many capable jobseekers struggle to secure worthwhile temporary (and permanent) employment. This is especially true within the industrial, hospitality, manufacturing, and warehousing sectors. Here are seven surprisingly common mistakes that could be keeping you from landing that perfect job.

1. Not Having Goals

Applying aimlessly for jobs is a mistake. While the idea of applying for multiple positions might seem promising, this can be a dead-end strategy. Candidates who know what they want and handpick jobs are more successful. A staffing agency can match you up with companies suited to your skills and objectives.

2. Not Submitting a Cover Letter

A resume is a necessary part of any job application, but job searching mistakes like leaving out the cover letter can mean unemployment. While the former provides insight into your professional background, it remains impersonal. A cover letter is where your personality, skills, talents, and ideas can shine through.

3. Not Doing Research

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Pinpointing what you have to offer and what you expect in return is important. You should also be aware of what potential future employers are all about. You may know what they sell, but have you studied their vision and history? Businesses expect that, nowadays. Remember, that temp position could open doors.

4. Not Utilizing Social Media

Social media might spring to mind when you ponder connecting with friends, but it should also be front and center when hunting for employment. Not leveraging social is perhaps one of the biggest job searching mistakes of the 21st century. It's worth building a strong profile on LinkedIn and professional networking sites.

5. Not Utilizing Social Media Responsibly

As many a jobseeker knows, there is a dark side to social media. It can be a tool for playing games, communicating, and espousing political and social views. At the same time, it can be professionally detrimental. Ensure that accounts are always set to "private", so photos of wild nights don't kill your chances of landing a job.

6. Not Being Resourceful

Websites dedicated to posting job openings and vacancies can be useful, but they should never be your only resource. More often than not, sought-after positions are found on company websites, or through staffing agencies that have a recruiting process. Do not make job searching mistakes like limiting yourself.

7. Not Focusing on the Interview

Often, jobseekers are so focused on sending out applications that they lose sight of the end goal – securing a position. The bridge between applying for and securing work is the interview. A resume and cover letter is a must, but be prepared to sell your skills. Acquaint yourself with commonly asked questions and answers. There are many excellent temporary and full-time job opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered. However, there is competition. By avoiding the unnecessary job searching mistakes listed above, you can get an edge over other candidates and land a job that suits your pocket, skills, and ambitions. Looking for a flexible temporary job that can take you places?

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