Ever wondered why it's so hard to find a job? Sometimes, it's the little things we do that inadvertently hurt our chances. Landing a gig can be elusive when we unknowingly make missteps in our approach. This guide unravels the mystery by highlighting five common blunders that could be sabotaging your job prospects.

Not Being Proactive in Your Job Search

When you take a casual approach to your job search it doesn’t increase your chances of getting hired. If you only apply to a few jobs or only search one site you may miss the perfect job opportunity. Companies and staffing agencies are using all sorts of methods to find workers both on and offline. Make it a daily habit to check your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for job postings. Job boards and company websites are also good places to check for work online. Take your job search offline by actively going to local hiring events as well as stopping by the staffing agencies to speak with recruiters directly.

Not Having a Plan

Even if you’re putting a lot of effort into your job search, if you don’t have a plan you can end up spinning your wheels (and staying unemployed!). Set up a daily schedule with designated times for different job search activities. Get the dates of job fairs and local hiring events on your calendar. Track the applications you submit so you’ll know when you need to follow up. In the end, the people who treat looking for a job as if it were their job have the highest chances of getting hired.

Showing Up Too Early to an Interview

While showing up to an interview on time is an excellent idea, showing up too early can start your interview on the wrong foot. Hiring managers can be quite busy or have another appointment scheduled before yours. If he/she knows you are there thirty-minutes or more ahead of time, they may feel incredibly rushed and that can work against you when it’s finally time to start your interview. Your best bet? Don’t be more than ten minutes early to your interview.

Not Personalizing Your Resume

Most candidates will submit the same standard resume for every job they’re applying for. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting hired you need to tailor your resume to each job opportunity. By doing so, you get to show off the specific skills that the hiring manager is looking for as well as catch their attention by using the same key words and phrases they used in the job description. Click here for more tips on how to create a stellar resume.

Applying to Jobs You Aren’t Qualified For

Another thing you could be doing that’s ruining your chances of getting hired is applying to jobs you aren’t qualified for. While it doesn’t hurt to go after jobs where you may not be completely qualified for, you can almost guarantee that you won’t get hired for those that clearly call for experience and skills you don’t have. Certifications, a clean driving record, owning tools, and required years of experience are examples of qualifications you should have before applying to the job. Instead of applying for positions that are out of your league, focus on the ones that you know you have a better chance of landing.


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