Job Boards, newspapers, riding around looking for Help Wanted signs – are just some of the methods used by job seekers in search for day labor jobs. If you aren’t having any luck, consider doing the following four things. You may just find the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Social Media

Employers are taking to social media to fill their day labor jobs in a variety of ways. They’re creating Twitter accounts dedicated to new job opportunities, crafting Facebook posts and participating in LinkedIn discussion groups to further their recruitment efforts. To take advantage of this growing trend, check out these social media platforms to find your next opportunity. Follow company tweets, join Facebook groups and create a LinkedIn profile to take your job search to the next level (click here for even more tips to using social media).

Mobile Apps

Whether you’re already employed and don’t have much time to search for a new job or don’t want to be glued to your computer, using mobile apps to find day labor jobs is the way to go. LinkedIn along with other big job boards have phone-friendly programs that make it easy to look for the right day labor job while you’re on the go. You can even use the mobile versions of social media platforms to take your search on the road. Another bonus to using mobile apps? You can get real-time notifications of new jobs on your smartphone during those times when you aren’t actively looking.


Career networking isn’t limited to just white collar professionals. Reaching out to people you’ve worked with before or with those in you field is a great way to find day labor jobs. Reach out to an old co-worker via email and find out how they are before letting them know that you’re looking. Participate in online discussions with people in your line of work to make connections and ultimately reach out to them for job opportunities. Attend Meetup groups and events in your area to introduce yourself to potential employers that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Staffing Agencies

Specializing in the business of putting people back to work, staffing agencies are a great job-search option. With clients who are always in need of workers, these employment companies are the perfect matchmakers for job seekers looking for the right opportunity. Look for those that specialize in placing workers like yourself so they can put you to work with employers that are looking for people with your skill set.

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