Labor Finders/LF Staffing Announces Dwayne Barnes as Their Employee of the Year: A Man with a Message

August 09, 2013

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

  • Labor Finders: Employee of the Year Dwayne Barnes
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  • Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average
  • Labor Finders: Respect, Appreciation and Safety

Columbus, GA-Labor Finders and LF Staffing is proud to announce this years' Labor Finders/LF Staffing Employee of the Year (EOY) Award winner…Dwayne Barnes.  Mr. Barnes has been an employee through the Columbus, Georgia Labor Finders office for almost 10 years.  Mr. Barnes is THE most requested employee from repeat clients and has held the most supervisory positions with our clients on almost all long-term assignments.  His strong work ethic along with his dedication and loyalty is a testament to his demand as a temporary employee.

Mr. Barnes lives with his parents to assist them economically and physically. His father has had severe medical issues and throughout those trying times, Mr. Barnes has never missed a day of work during this extremely trying ordeal. If that were not enough, around six years ago, Mr. Barnes son was born with a life-threatening disease and would need a liver transplant. Mr. Barnes spent the first two years traveling back and forth from Columbus, GA to Atlanta, GA trying to get the necessary medical treatment for his young son.  Once his son received the transplant all went well for several months until his frail body started to reject the liver. Again, for around one-year Mr. Barnes traveled to and from Atlanta while his son was getting medical treatment for his upcoming second liver transplant. Dwayne Barnes, the dedicated Labor Finders employee and truly dedicated father scheduled all of these medical appointments around his work schedule so he NEVER missed a day of work. Now, his son is a well-behaved six-year-old who always has a smile on his face-just like his dad. However, the family is not out of the woods, just recently Mr. Barnes's little boy suffered another setback…his body rejected the second liver transplant and is now waiting on a third.  Hopefully, for this family, three-times will be the charm.

From one of Mr. Barnes' long-term assignments, the client wrote a recommendation letter for him stating, "I could leave Dwayne in charge of a group of 5 or more laborers with a list of tasks and he would always complete the assignment on time.  Dwayne was always at work on time-even when we would work 21-days straight for 10 or more hours a day. Dwayne's' work included: daily cleaning of the construction site, assisting in keeping sub-contractors complying with OSHA safety regulations, among other duties. I would recommend Dwayne … both his knowledge and reliability is outstanding."  According to Branch Manager Christy Coleman, of the Labor Finders Columbus, Georgia office, "As the lead supervisor on the assignment, he would try to mentor any employee that might be struggling.  Mr. Barnes is always quick to lend a hand or an ear to anyone."

Back in July of 2013, a long-time Labor Finders client was so impressed with Mr. Barnes that they hired him to a full-time position.

When asked if he could share some of his wisdom to maintaining excellent work ethic, Mr. Barnes clearly stated, "That is easy, when you get a job, work-work hard and well-give your employer everything that they need and then some and finally, pull your pants up-I don't want to see your drawers."  Clearly, Mr. Barnes is a man with a message and a sense of humor.

At the EOY awards ceremony and party, on August 8, Mr. Barnes, surrounded by family, friends, co-workers and staff from the Labor Finders Columbus office along with franchisee owners Robert and Wes Deck who presented Mr. Barnes with an engraved plaque and a check for $1,000.00.  Mr. Barnes exemplifies all the traits of an outstanding Labor Finders associate. Now, he can add the title of Employee of the Year 2013!

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