Labor Finders to Provide Safety from Sun Up to Sun Down

June 04, 2015

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.


  • Labor Finders: has vested interest in the safety of its temporary day laborers.
  • Labor Finders: cares about educating workers and the community about proper sunscreen use while outdoors.
  • Labor Finders: has consistently found people jobs during ebbs and flows of economy.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-The dreaded diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. For many, the troubling aspect of the diagnosis is the seeming randomness that cancer can happen to anyone. There are, however, ways some cancers can be prevented, specifically skin cancer. Careful application of sunscreen before one is subject to the sun's potentially harmful rays can be the difference between being healthy and not. Unfortunately, many people simply do not possess either the discretionary funds to purchase sun care products or have the knowledge regarding the dangers associated with prolonged exposure.

Labor Finders International is committed to its workers' safety in all aspects of the word. Because many of its workers spend numerous hours daily in the sun, Labor Finders is pleased to announce its Safety: Sun Up to Sun Down campaign, which will mark the beginning of Summer. At its franchise branch offices nationwide, Labor Finders will provide free sun protection for its workers to be used for the day. The locations will also provide tips from The Skin Care Foundation for proper sunscreen usage and other ways to stay safe during the sweltering summer months.

Dan Shube, Labor Finders Chief Marketing Officer, stated, "We believe in educating and protecting our associates. We know that many of our workers work outdoors and the effects of the sun can be serious. Skin cancer is preventable if you take the proper precautions by using the appropriate sunscreen and reapplying frequently.  If caught at an early stage, it can be very curable."

Shube added, "We have a commitment to safety, appreciation, and respect for every Labor Finders employee. We are dependent upon our hard working associates and we need them to stay safe and healthy. Sun protection is just one thing we focus on as we head into the summer months."

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