The Hunger Within: Labor Finders Serves Lunch and Hope to the Homeless

January 09, 2013

By: Celina Klee

Every now and then, a situation touches the heart. You want to do everything in your power to help.  Back in March, while on his way to work, Dan Shube, Labor Finders International's Director of Marketing heard a sad and too common report. "The news story was about hundreds of people who have lost not only their jobs but also their homes due to the economic downturn. Hundreds of men, women and children ... families living in tents near the American River in Sacramento, California. "I knew that we at Labor Finders have the ability to help," said Dan. "So after a brain-storming session it was agreed that we had to do more than just give a hot meal to these people ... we would try to get them back on their feet by offering job and career guidance."

Dan and Celina Klee, Labor Finders International's Manager of Public Relations immediately called Pat Bergman, the Director of Company Operations for both the Labor Finders and LF Staffing Services franchise and Summer Barr, the Sacramento Branch Manager, to see if this idea would fly. Well, it not only flew, it soared. Summer got in touch with an organization in Sacramento that takes care of the city's homeless. It was decided to hold an event at Loaves & Fishes on April 5 (Palm Sunday). "Our plan for this event, besides giving these people a hot meal, was to draw the attention of local employers possibly leading to getting these people jobs, which would make an amazing day," said Shube.

"Sacramento is my home and I truly believe in giving back to our community. Every day my focus is getting people jobs. If we can help these people on Palm Sunday then it makes the day that much more special," said Summer.

April 5th was indeed special; hundreds of people arrived early on the beautiful spring day at Loaves & Fishes to not only get a hot meal but some sound career advice. With Labor Finders International's donation to feed 800 homeless people, thirty-five volunteers from Loaves & Fishes prepared and served the food. Hundreds filled out job applications; many had their resumes and college degrees in hand and waited patiently to speak with Pat and Summer, along with their fellow staff members, for some sound career guidance.   Yes, it was a very special day.   

See Pat on <a href=""><u>KOVR-TV 13 (CBS)</u></a> and Summer on <a href=""><u>KTXL-TV 40 (FOX)</u></a>.

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