Labor Finders 2015 Employee of the Year: A True Patriot

August 20, 2015

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

  • Labor Finders: Announces the 2015 Employee of the Year Recipient
  • Labor Finders: Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing For Six Consecutive Years: 2010-2015
  • Labor Finders: Receives the Exclusive Diamond Award from Best of Staffing
  • Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-Most people like to acknowledge the best-of-the-best: the best movie, the best restaurant, the best ball team; the best athlete.  Businesses also like to acknowledge who is the best employee. This year, Labor Finders, the country's oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States is honored to have found an employee, who exemplifies the best-of-the-best.

Dan Shube, the Chief Marketing Officer for Labor Finders International stated, "Our Labor Finders Employee of the Year award is now in its fourth successful year. This whole concept began when I started hearing stories about the wonderful temporary workers from our branch managers throughout the country.  It was after receiving yet another inspiring story, that I had a feeling there were more stories needing to be told."  Shube went on to say, "It is unfortunate that the public's perception is not accurate when it comes to temporary blue-collar workers and our goal is to set the record straight with the facts. We wanted to recognize and reward our over-achievers and improve the morale of all our temporary workers and internal staff."

Throughout the country, branch managers from both Labor Finders and LF Staffing offices place close to 20,000 people to work daily. These managers then submitted  their best candidates by explaining why their worker deserved to be honored with the Labor Finders Employee of the Year Award. Some of key points the branch managers touched upon were attendance, attitude and hard work along with the candidates  who made suggestions that saved money or improved safety and if the temporary worker received a permanent placement or if they won employee awards while on assignment. Nearly all the top contenders had glowing comments from their employer (Labor Finders' clients) along with the Labor Finder's branch managers.

Every office has their star performers; but the winner had to be a SUPERSTAR!  Each of the submissions' stories was compelling and some moved the judges to tears; although one person stood out from the rest. Besides the Grand Prize winner, the judges selected a 1st Runner-Up and a  2nd Runner-Up; in addtion many other nominees were recognized as Honorable Mentions.

The Grand Prize winner David Bury from Tampa,Florida, is a force to be reckoned with; he is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and admirable employee around.  A retired Veteran of the U. S. Army; David was stationed in Germany for half of his ten-year career. David knows first-hand how your life can change in an instant.  Back in 2002, David was involved in a horrific car accident, suffering severe brain and spinal trauma; one which left the doctors with little hope that he would survive. But, the doctors did not know David. Though, his strength (both physical and mental), his unrelenting determination and an abundance of patience, he fought to learn how to walk and speak again.

David is a huge asset to Labor Finders. He has been with Labor Finders since August 2014 and is in high demand from our customers, not only because of the numerous types of skills he is trained to perform in general labor/light industrial sector but also because of his reliability and dedication.

David is always willing to help others. Case-in-point, despite working two jobs,  David arrives at Labor Finders before sunrise after delivering newspapers in the community…he is never late because he cannot disappoint his co-workers who rely on him for transportation to and from their jobs. He always walks in with a smile on his face as well as a kind word.

David is known as the motivator. His fellow Labor Finders associates come to him for advice on everything from how to handle a work assignment to dealing with life's crises. When on a job site, all the workers (even those not employed by Labor Finders) seek out David for advice on how to handle a particular project.

With his honest, positive and soft spoken personality, David is always evident despite all the trials and tribulations he has endured throughout his life.  This is why; he is without a doubt the true definition of Employee of the Year because he always goes above and beyond the call of duty for his co-workers, for Labor Finders and the USA.  

Presidents and CEO's of major national corporations rarely have the time to travel to meet with employees one-on-one; well Jeffrey Burnett, President and CEO of Labor Finders International, is not your ordinary corporate executive.  On Wednesday, September 2 at 4pm, Jeff Burnett will attend the awards ceremony for David Bury and along Bill Ehman, President of NGRJ, Inc. (which owns and operates the Tampa office,) will present a check to him for $1,000 at the Labor Finders office at 5501 West Waters, Suite #407, in Tampa. Labor Finders is proud to have David-the dedicated, hard-working, wonderful role model as a member of our family.

***Note To Members Of The Media: Recognition is a good thing, so please come out and meet the inspirational David Bury and Labor Finders International, President and CEO Jeff Burnett along with all of the hard working staff and employees of the Labor Finders Tampa office during this very special event. The address is 5501 West Waters, Suite 407 and the phone number is 813-881-0100.

Mr. Burnett, Mr. Ehman and Mr. Bury will be available for interviews and photo ops during the event.

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