In Appreciation of Labor Day

August 26, 2013

By: Chloe Hoffmann

Labor Day is a day of appreciation for the hard workers of America. Deemed the "workingmen's holiday," in 1882, Labor Day was created in order to celebrate workers' efforts that propelled the United States to great economic achievement. This holiday takes place annually on the first Monday in the month of September.

Labor Day is a day of gratitude. We acknowledge that workers are the heart of this country. Their continuing strength and determination are the reason for our country's success. The drive to produce and succeed is the goal of every worker. The same drive is found in every Labor Finders worker.

When I arrived at Labor Finders to gain insight into the public relations field, I had no prior knowledge of the staffing industry. As I learned more about Labor Finders, I was enlightened. Labor Finders bridged the gap between companies that were in need of workers and workers in dire need of a job. The opportunity to work and make a living for oneself is the foundation that our country was built upon. Labor Finders insures that the American Dream still exists.

There isn't a shortage of testimonials from people expressing how Labor Finders changed their lives by giving them an opportunity to work. The Labor Finders workers' testimonials I heard were extraordinary. I listened to interviews expressing how some workers walk or ride their bikes many miles daily to find work at their local Labor Finder's office. Many workers were dealing with unfortunate circumstances, but they persevered and still managed to put forth great effort and have a positive attitude on the job. These stories made such an impression on me. These people made the decision to look for work, no matter the circumstances, in order to provide for themselves and their families.

A particular story that moved me was about two Labor Finder's workers that were in line for the same job. One worker expressed to the other that he might not be capable of being hired for the job because his boots were weathered and had holes in them. Without hesitation, the other worker offered to purchase the other worker new boots. When I heard this story, I was moved. Even though both men were competitors for the job, one was helping the other. It was the greatest display of camaraderie I had ever heard of. These stories, along with the warm and inviting staff I had the pleasure of working alongside, made my internship so remarkable.

I would like to express my appreciation for the workers at Labor Finders. These workers do the work that most people wouldn't even imagine tackling. Labor Finder's workers are warriors; they battle the summer heat and the winter cold on construction sites for long hours. At the end of the day, these workers have dirt on their shirts, sweat on their brows, and paycheck in their pocket. And, that is the epitome of patriotism.

I commend Labor Finders and their employees on their achievements and successes, and I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day.

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