Illegal Immigrant Workers Negative Effects on the Economy

January 23, 2013

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL- The American public needs to know the negative effects of undocumented laborers working in the United States. These undocumented workers are also referred to as "Black market workers" do not pay taxes nor do they carry workers compensation insurance.

Dan Shube, Director of Marketing, for Labor Finders International, said, "This great country of ours was built on the sweat of a diverse workforce. Throughout the years, millions of people have come to America to live and work to make a better life and the majority of them are legal to work in the United States." These hard working people, (a majority of them are temporary workers) pay taxes and have workers compensation, which they get through their employer like Labor Finders.

Arizona Sen. John McCain blamed the federal government for the passages of the bill, saying that the frustration that led to it was justifiable. "The fact is that our borders are broken. They are not secure. It is a federal responsibility to secure our borders. It is not being done," McCain said on the Senate floor Monday, April 26, 2010.

The mounting frustration concerning the growing immigration situation along the border-states is approaching epidemic proportions. In addition, the American people need to be made aware of those individuals and or companies who hire undocumented workers in the first place. A short time ago Labor Finders International produced a compelling two-minute video titled "Hire Me", in order to bring awareness to black market labor and its effect on the economy. The unscripted video highlights workers, some born in this country, others are legal immigrants; but the common bond shared is that each person is legal to work in the United States and each pays their taxes.

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