Heart and Soul: A story with a twist Labor Finders / LF Staffing pays tribute to its workers

November 18, 2015

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-Employee of the Year Awards are nothing new…many businesses honor their top employees with this accolade. Two things sets the Inaugural Labor Finders / LF Staffing Employee of the Year Awardapart-first, there is not one winner but two winners and secondly, both of the winners are women-which, for the normally male-dominated blue-collar industrial labor industry-is truly astonishing.

Dan Shube, the Director of Marketing for Labor Finders International, who conceived of the awards stated, "I had been hearing stories about the wonderful temporary workers from our branch managers throughout the country.  It was after receiving yet another inspiring story, that I had a feeling there were more stories needing to be told."  Shube went on to say, "It is unfortunate that the public's perception is not accurate when it comes to temporary blue-collar workers and our goal was to set the record straight with the facts. Additionally, we wanted a way to recognize and reward our over-achievers and improve the morale of all our temporary workers and internal staff.  After discussing this with Celina Klee, the Manager of Public Relations for Labor Finders, we both believed the time was perfect to recognize the best temporary workers that we employ!"

Throughout the country, branch managers from both Labor Finders and LF Staffing offices entered their best candidate(s) by sending a paragraph explaining why their worker deserved to be honored. Some of key points the branch managers touched upon were: attendance, attitude, hard work, making suggestions that saved money or improved safety, if the temporary worker received a permanent placement or won employee of the week, quarter or year while on assignment.

It was a proven fact, every office has their star performers; but the winner had to be a SUPERSTAR!  When the first couple of entries came in, Shube and his team was thrilled. Then, the floodgates' opened and they received an impressive 30% response from their offices.  Shube stated, "The results surpassed our wildest expectations. Each of the branch managers wrote about their workers with amazing pride and passion, begging us to consider their candidates. Many of the managers received recommendations from their clients that employed the workers at their job site. These letters of recommendation were heartfelt and compelling; in an industry, where most businesses do not want it known that they hire temporary workers, this in itself was amazing."

The plan was to choose one winner, however, each of the entries stories was compelling, and some moved the judges to tears. There was no choice but to choose two winners and four runners-up; in addition, the remaining workers were recognized as honorable mentions.

In a male dominated industry, Labor Finders International, theoldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States along with its LF Staffing division is proud to announce that both winners were women: Ms. Ida Sillah Njie, (Wichita, KS) and Ms. Carrie Rost, (Arnold, MO.) Both of their stories will make anyone pause and ponder what amazing individuals we have helping to make this great country of ours even greater.

Ms. Ida Sillah Njie, who immigrated to the US from Gambia 27-years ago, not only does she excel at any job given her, but she works harder than her male counterparts do. She has zero tolerance for slothfulness and inspires others around her to work hard.  Ms. Njie attends college at Wichita State majoring in Social Services and back in 2009, she founded the PS Njie Foundation to help Gambian disaster victims. In 2010, she took some time off from Labor Finders to begin her quest to Africa, returning with heart wrenching photos of a hospital with a rotting, leaky-roof, one table with no chairs, no restroom facilities, scores of people lined up to see one nurse and one doctor, children without homes, schools, clothing and food.  Ida began by accepting donations and ended up personally overseeing the transport, arrival and distribution of the much-needed supplies; it was at this time that she met the President of Gambia and his officials. In the near future, she plans to return to Gambia to continue her quest-Ms. Njie is truly a great, empowering citizen and a role model for all.

Ms. Carrie Rost gives new meaning to "strength of character." Back in June of 2008, Carrie began her career at the Arnold, Missouri Labor Finders by being placed as a temporary worker in a male dominated environment, for Custom Fabrication and Coating in Arnold, Missouri.  The supervisor was nervous about hiring a female because all of his employees were males, and he was worried that Mrs. Rost would have difficulty keeping up. Carrie quickly changed his mind, by logging in excess of 4,000 hours at his shop before the workload finally slowed down. Then, the very same supervisor who initially doubted her capabilities wasso convinced of her worth that he arranged for her to be transferred to his parent company, Stripmasters of Illinois, which was 25 miles away. Carrie gratefully accepted the position and has since logged 2,058.5 hours and counting. Then disaster struck. Early in 2011, she was the victim of a potentially life-threatening accident that occurred at Stripmasters.  She was doing some touch up painting work on a row of ten-foot tall steel support girders when one of the girders broke loose and fell, creating a domino effect sending all of the girders tumbling to the floor. Carrie was pinned underneath several thousand pounds of solid metal and was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room. She suffered multiple crushing wounds. The accident was not her fault and she insisted on getting back to work as soon as possible. Based on her exceptional work history the client offered to let her work light duty at their facility. Though clerical work is not her forte', Carrie did not complain. She accepted the work and did a fantastic job. One week later, she was released to full duty; then she went back to her regular position at Stripmasters, where she continues to contribute and receive accolades. 

Each of these two amazing women took home the grand prize of one-thousand dollars along with the honorary plaques and each received a celebration party at each of their office locations. The four runners-up received a check for one-hundred dollars; in addition, each of the honorable mentions received a check for twenty-five dollars. Everyday Labor Finders is changing the way the public views temporary workers…and in the case of our employee of the year…one woman at a time.

By the way, the rest of the entrants' have great, feel-good stories too! Ask about them!

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