Hard Work Pays Off!

August 12, 2014

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

•    Labor Finders: Announces the Employee of the Year for 2014
•    Labor Finders: Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing For Five Consecutive Years: 2010 - 2014
•    Labor Finders: Receives the Exclusive Diamond Award from Best of Staffing
•    Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA- A company that is consistently top-rated (via a third-party surveys) by its customers speaks volumes but when, all is said and done, it is the employees that make up the foundation for success. That said, Labor Finders, the oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing franchise company in the United States, is pleased to announce their 2014 Employee of the Year Award…although, this is not your ordinary employee.

Dontay Kilgo, like so many, took a wrong path in the walk-of-life. As a young man, Dontay made bad decisions that altered his life. What makes Dontay far from ordinary is that unlike so many people who continue to venture down the path, he did a 180 by taking control of his life, which led to his on-going pursuit for all-things-positive.

"I remember the day Dontay walked through our door," said Elizabeth Orlando, branch manager of the Charlotte Labor Finders office, "He stood tall, was very respectful and quiet. I asked what type of work he was interested in and each answer emitted a positive, electric energy…an upbeat personality and confidence shone through. At the time, we did not have many positions available, so I could not hire him on the spot. A week later, we were in a jam and the first person I thought to call was Dontay. From that moment on Dontay has been our "go to man," by being reliable, punctual and optimistic."

Dontay is the hardest working and caring person, you will ever meet. "I have witnessed him mentoring his fellow associates in the office," stated Ms. Orlando. "He takes the time to listen to their problems; letting them know that nothing is impossible…he gives them hope. It is truly wonderful when I connect a young worker with Dontay on an assignment, the result is pure magic-he is an excellent role model.  I really got to know Dontay when I asked him if he would work a move at 9 pm on a Saturday. No one else would work that shift but Dontay said "No Problem." He explained that work…hard work helps him be a better person, by keeping him busy, preventing him from going back to his old ways and he has positive hope for his future."

Customers adore Dontay. He gets repeat assignments with the same clients and they love to feed him-yes, clients always want Dontay to stay for dinner. Ms. Orlando, knew she had to submit Dontay for the 2014 Labor Finders Employee of the Year Award, besides filling out the entry form, she took it a step further, Ms. Orlando asked Dontay to write down his story.  "After reading Dontay's words, he has inspired me to be a better Labor Finders manager," said Orlando, "He motivates me to find more jobs for our associates."

"My life has turned around, for the better, said Dontay Kilgo, "I cannot lie about Labor Finders, I brag about this company. I was able to get a house, a car, nice clothes and I can eat lobster and crab legs three times a week. My philosophy is the early bird gets the worm and to always do hard, clean work. All I know is reading my bible, eat, sleep, listen to good music, my family, money, God and Labor Finders. And, to top it off, everyone in the office is sweeter than a sugar cane and a jar of honey put together. I owe a lot to them for staying with the best match/dispatch policy."

Dontay, stated in his story, "My long-term goals is to become a certified Fork-Lift Operator, buying a truck and starting a moving business." As for him, personally, Dontay went on to state, I want to stay healthy, live a  long productive life,  keep connecting with God who made me a mature adult and of course, staying in contact with Labor Finders."

Presidents and CEO's of major national corporations rarely have the time to travel to meet with employees yet alone to attend an event for a temporary worker; well Jeffrey Burnett, President and CEO of Labor Finders International, is not your ordinary corporate executive.  On Friday, August 15 at 4pm, Jeff Burnett will attend the awards ceremony for Dontay Kilgo and along with local franchisee Myron Walker present a check to him for $1,000 at the Labor Finders office at 4040 Chesapeake Drive. Labor Finders is proud to have Dontay-the dedicated, hard-working, wonderful role model as a member of our family. 

***Note To Members Of The Media: Recognition is a good thing, so please come out and meet the inspirational Dontay Kilgo and Labor Finders International, President and CEO Jeff Burnett along with all of the hard working staff and employees of the Labor Finders Charlotte office during this very special event. The address is 4040 Chesapeake Drive and the phone number is 704-394-7314. 

Mr. Burnett and Mr. Kilgo will be available for interviews and photo ops during the event. 

For more information on Labor Finders, please feel free to contact Celina Klee, the Public Relations Manager for Labor Finders International, Inc. at 561-273-8226 or at Celina.klee@laborfinders.com.  In addition, please be sure to check out the Labor Finders International, Inc. website at www.laborfinders.com.

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