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August 27, 2014

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

  • Labor Finders: Announces the 2014 Employee of the Year
  • Labor Finders: WinsInavero'sBest of StaffingFor Five Consecutive Years: 2010 - 2014
  • Labor Finders: Receives the Exclusive Diamond Award from Best of Staffing
  • Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average

Columbus, GA-Let's face the facts…each of us would like to believe our jobs are safe and secure; that we are irreplaceable; but for most of us that is not the case. Yes, we are replaceable. Except for Mr. Jimmy Donald Coar.  Mr. Coar has a fan base, like non-other; which is why, he has been named Labor Finders 2014 Employee of the Year.

Jimmy Coar, at times defies words. His history and work ethics speak volumes. For over 11 years, Jimmy has been with Labor Finders and was placed at his current assignment back in 2009. At age 70, he shows no signs of stopping, especially if the valued client has anything to say about it.

"The motto at the Cross Country Plaza Shopping Center," stated Christy Coleman, branch manager of the Columbus Labor Finders,   "'If Jimmy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy', and they mean it. I have been warned that if Mr. Coar were to leave Labor Finders and go to another agency, they would go with him. A while ago, the client had to take a leave of absence for several weeks trusting Mr. Coar to run the show!" And, run it he did, impeccably. 

Vickie Smith, Property Manager, for the Cross Country Plaza Shopping Center, said of Jimmy, "I trust him to take care of our property when I am not on site. He truly cares about our property as much as I do and the owners are certainly grateful for that. We have approximately 60 tenants and all of them know Jimmy and appreciate the work he does. They know if there is a problem that is our responsibility, Jimmy will handle it without hesitation. Everyone here is grateful for Jimmy's skills and dedication in keeping our shopping center in top rate condition.  I only wish we had several employees like Jimmy who is dedicated; it would make operating this shopping center a lot easier. I hope that Jimmy gets the Labor Finders Employee of the Year Award because he certainly deserves it and much more for the loyalty and dedication he has shown not only Labor Finders but our company as well." 

Jimmy is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, phenomenal and humble men around. He does have his shortcomings; do not, under any circumstance say that you are blessed.

Jimmy Coar: "How are you today and please do not tell me you're blessed?"

Christy Coleman (Labor Finders Branch Manager): "Excuse me?"

Jimmy Coar: I don't mean any disrespect but every day I meet people and I always ask them how they are doing and they always tell me they are blessed."

Christy Coleman: "Well Jimmy, what's wrong with that?"

Jimmy Coar: "I ask them, 'What makes you so special that you're the only one that's blessed? I woke up breathing too, look at that person over there, they're breathing, every day everyone wakes up, they are blessed, so don't act like you are the only blessed one. We are all blessed, each and every single day and certain folks try and claim those blessings for themselves, quit being so selfish.'"

Now, it is clear to see, what makes Jimmy Coar the 2014 Labor Finders Employee of the Year. That said; it is extremely rare that Presidents and CEO's of major national corporations have the time to travel to meet with employees yet alone to attend an event for a temporary worker; well Jeffrey Burnett, President and CEO of Labor Finders International, is not your ordinary corporate executive.  On Tuesday, September 2 at 4pm, Jeff Burnett will attend the awards ceremony for Jimmy Coar and along with local franchisee's Robert and Wes Deck and they present a check to Jimmy for $1,000 at the Labor Finders office at 4400 2nd Avenue, Unit #7. Labor Finders is proud to have Jimmy-the dedicated, hardworking, phenomenal and humble person as a member of our family.

***Note To Members Of The Media: Recognition is a good thing, so please come out and meet the phenomenal Jimmy Coar and Labor Finders International, President and CEO Jeff Burnett along with all of the hard working staff and employees of the Labor Finders Columbus office during this very special event. The address is 4400 2nd Avenue, Unit #7and the phone number is 706-660-9911.

Mr. Burnett and Mr. Coar will be available for interviews and photo ops during the event.

For more information on Labor Finders, please feel free to contact Celina Klee, the Public Relations Manager for Labor Finders International, Inc. at 561-273-8226 or at Celina.klee@laborfinders.com.  In addition, please be sure to check out the Labor Finders International, Inc. website at www.laborfinders.com.

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