Employees of the Year: Labor Finders Pays Tribute to its Finest Workers

September 24, 2014

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

  • Labor Finders: Announces two 2014 Employee of the Year Recipients
  • Labor Finders: Wins Inavero's Best of Staffing For Five Consecutive Years: 2010 - 2014
  • Labor Finders: Receives the Exclusive Diamond Award from Best of Staffing
  • Labor Finders: Rated Significantly Higher Than The Industry Average

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-Numerous businesses like to honor their top employees with accolades. This year Labor Finders, the country's oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States was compelled to name not one but two winners.

Dan Shube, the Chief Marketing Officer for Labor Finders International stated, "Our Labor Finders Employee of the Year award is now in its third successful year. This whole concept began when I started hearing stories about the wonderful temporary workers from our branch managers throughout the country.  It was after receiving yet another inspiring story, that I had a feeling there were more stories needing to be told."  Shube went on to say, "It is unfortunate that the public's perception is not accurate when it comes to temporary blue-collar workers and our goal is to set the record straight with the facts. We wanted to recognize and reward our over-achievers and improve the morale of all our temporary workers and internal staff."

Throughout the country, branch managers from both Labor Finders and LF Staffing offices place over 15,000 people to work daily. These managers then entered their best candidates by explaining why their worker deserved to be honored with the Labor Finders Employee of the Year Award. Some of key points the branch managers touched upon were attendance, attitude, and hard work along with making suggestions that saved money or improved safety and if the temporary worker received a permanent placement or if they won employee awards while on assignment.

Every office has their star performers; but the winner had to be a SUPERSTAR!  When the first couple of entries came in, Shube and his team were hopeful. Then, the floodgates' opened and Shube stated, "Each of the branch managers wrote about their workers with pride and passion, begging us to consider their candidates. Many of the managers received recommendations from their clients that employed the workers; each of these letters of recommendation were heartfelt and compelling."

The plan was to choose one winner, however, each of the entries stories was compelling and some moved the judges to tears. The deadlocked judges had to select two winners and one second-place winner along with three runners-up; in addition, 27 nominees were recognized as honorable mentions.

Jimmy Coar, from Columbus, Georgia, defies words. His history and work ethics speak volumes. For over 11 years, Jimmy has been with Labor Finders and was placed at his current assignment back in 2009. "The motto at the Cross Country Plaza Shopping Center where Jimmy is employed," stated Christy Coleman, branch manager of the Columbus Labor Finders, "'If Jimmy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy', and they mean it."  At age 70, Jimmy shows no signs of stopping, especially if this valued client has anything to say about it.

Vickie Smith, Property Manager, for the Cross Country Plaza Shopping Center, said of Jimmy, "I trust him to take care of our property when I am not on site. He truly cares about our property as much as I do and the owners are certainly grateful for that. We have approximately 60 tenants and all of them know Jimmy and appreciate the work he does. They know if there is a problem that is our responsibility, Jimmy will handle it without hesitation. Everyone here is grateful for Jimmy's skills and dedication in keeping our shopping center in top rate condition."

Dontay Kilgo hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and like so many people; he took a wrong path in the walk-of-life. As a young man, Dontay made bad decisions that altered his very existence. What makes him far from ordinary is that unlike so many people who continue to venture down a negative path, Dontay made a 180 degree turn, by taking control of his life, which led to his on-going pursuit of all-things-positive. 

Dontay is the hardest working and caring person, you will ever meet. "I have witnessed him mentoring his fellow associates in the office," stated Elizabeth Orlando, branch manager of the Charlotte Labor Finders office. "He takes the time to listen to their problems; letting them know that nothing is impossible…he gives them hope. It is truly wonderful when I connect a young worker with Dontay on an assignment, the result is pure magic-he is an excellent role model."   Customers adore Dontay. He gets repeat assignments with the same clients and they love to feed him-yes, clients always want Dontay to stay for dinner.

"My life has turned around, for the better, said Dontay Kilgo, "I cannot lie about Labor Finders, I brag about this company. I was able to get a house, a car and nice clothes. My philosophy is the early bird gets the worm and to always do hard, clean work. Presently, my plan is to become a certified Fork-Lift Operator. After that, I would like to buy a truck and start a moving business. I have many goals, so I need to stay healthy in order to live a long, productive life. This includes my on-going connection with God who made me a mature adult and of course, I will always stay in contact with Labor Finders." 

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