Labor Finders Offers an Ounce of Protection for Workers During the Dog Days of Summer

December 11, 2012

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

  • Labor Finders: cares about the health and safety of its temporary day laborers
  • Labor Finders: and Australian Gold® educating workers to use sunscreen while outdoors
  • Labor Finders: building strong lasting relationships with the community
  • Labor Finders: success is measured by getting people jobs the struggling economy

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL- The "Big C"… Cancer, the word alone will send shivers up your spine. In the United States, according to The Skin Care Foundation, one in five people will get skin cancer, which is not only one of the most preventable cancers but is one of the most common forms of cancer reported in men. We see ads for sunscreen on TV, on billboards and in the magazines, but why is it that most men still do not protect their skin from the intense rays of the sun while working during the day throughout the year? For some men they feel that is a bother to slather on sunscreen daily or they feel that they do not need sun protection working a regular 9 to 5 indoor job.  For others, especially temporary day laborers, with little discretionary funds, spending money on sunscreen is not something they consider important.
Labor Finders International, the country's oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company, which puts over 10,000 people to work every day cares about its workers safety and wants to protect its workers from the suns' harmful rays, so the company will celebrate the first Wednesday in the month of August as the Dog Days of Summer day. Labor Finders has teamed up with Australian Gold®, to offer free skin protection to its work force. On Wednesday, August 5, every Labor Finders branch manager will hand out to its workers Australian Essentials Daily UV Protection SPF 30 sunscreen for them to use while they are working during the day.  In addition, at every location there will be special signage showing The Skin Care Foundation Tips to prevent the most preventable form of cancer-Skin Cancer.

Labor Finders is hoping that on August 5, this event will start to educate its mostly male workforce by getting them to use sunscreen as part of their daily routine. In addition, the company is also hoping that its workers will take along a tube of sunscreen with them to work. Labor Finders wants its workers to know that applying a sunscreen every day can help to prevent this epidemic of skin cancer that affects them.
Dan Shube, Labor Finders Director of Marketing stated, "If our workers can get into the habit of using sunscreen, not just on their faces but their bodies, the number of people that will get skin cancer will decrease dramatically and hopefully one day, be eliminated."

"Labor Finders success has been measured by getting people jobs during this struggling economy. We also want our workers to stay healthy," said Shube.

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