Businesses Working Together is "Moore" Than OK!

June 12, 2013

CONTACT: Celina Klee
Labor Finders International, Inc.

• Labor Finders: partnering with Thrushwood Farms, MCD Supply Company and Prime Distributors
• Labor Finders: building strong lasting relationships with the community

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-When companies join together to help those in need it is a beautiful thing to behold. Shortly after the devastating tornados ripped through the city of Moore and the Oklahoma City region, Becca Stotts the Office Manager of Labor Finders Oklahoma City North along with Franchisee David McDaniel knew they had to do something to assist in the recovery of their community. McDaniel reached out to Jeffrey Burnett, President & CEO of Labor Finders International, who then immediately contacted the company's Public Relations Manager Celina Klee who started connecting with companies who would be willing to work together to help Oklahoma in this time of need.

First on Celina's list was Keith Swart of MCD Supply Company in Durham, North Carolina. Mr. Swart arranged for the immediate purchase and delivery of 3,000 much needed leather palmed daily work gloves along with 45 cases of Neosporin and he also got his distributors to forgo the extremely pricy shipping/freight costs. "The tornado destruction was truly devastating and when Celina called me, it was a no-brainer, I just had to help Labor Finders in assisting them with their Oklahoma relief project," stated Swart.

Working to help put a community back together again takes true determination along with endless hours-with very little time to grab a meal yet alone a snack. Second, on the list was to purchase a healthy quick meal. Beef sticks came highly recommended. Celina contacted Doug Hankes, the VP Operations at Thrushwood Farms and arranged to purchase 2,500 assorted beef sticks at an amazing discounted price and then the company threw in free shipping. "Partnering with an organization like Labor Finders to supply something as simple as a snack stick to those assisting with the recovery in Oklahoma speaks right to the heart of our company; it is something that we take pride in here at Thrushwood Farms," said Doug Hankes.

"Labor Finders is proud to do its part to assist those in need in Oklahoma after the recent tornados in the Oklahoma City South region. Special thanks need to go out to David McDaniel, the Labor Finders franchisee in Oklahoma, for spearheading the effort to get much needed relief supplies to the area," said Burnett. Mr. Burnett is also proud to state that several other Labor Finders franchisees donated to the Oklahoma relief effort.

In the past couple of weeks, Oklahoma has been hit by more tornados and severe weather. This leads one to ponder, why would anyone want to live in the core of Tornado Alley. Ms. Stotts said it poignantly, "Oklahoma. A place where you can see the most extreme opposites in the same day, where people aren't afraid to start over, where everything can be ripped away from you in seconds but you still carry on. People come as different as they can, but the minute that siren sounds, we're all in the same place. There is just something about ending each day with the sun setting on the widest, beautiful, and most dangerous horizon I've ever seen. There is nothing like it. It's Home. " Well said Rebecca.

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