A Hero Amongst Us

April 15, 2016

A Hero Amongst Us

Life can be altered in a split-second. Sometimes bad things happen that have a positive outcome and sometimes, a regular person becomes a hero… sometimes all of these things happen at once…all in a split-second.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, Mike Gonzalez, from the Labor Finders of Homestead, Florida office was transporting the offices' regular crew of workers (including Daniel Little, Rayviel Evans, Ramon Martinez, Tremayne Russell and Otis Warren III) down to Marathon, FL for a painting job. On the way to the job site, our driver back tracked north to pick up an additional worker who was having car troubles. On the way back south with the extra worker, one of our employees spotted a white car almost fully submerged off the edge of the road in the water. Mr. Gonzalez immediately stopped the van and all of the workers jumped out…anxious to help.

The driver of the vehicle, Mrs. Peggy West had tried to avoid an animal in the road on her way down south and in doing so had accelerated over the median and into the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Mrs. West was in an obvious state of shock and even though the car was mere feet from being completely submerged, our brave worker, Mr. Otis Warren III jumped in without hesitation, while our other workers shouted encouragements to Mrs. West.

Due to his bravery and lack of fear in assisting at a moments' notice, Mr. Warren was able to effortlessly carry Mrs. West safely on to the shore. It was a miracle that Mrs. West was not injured; she was just a little bit of water-logged. All this this took place while the police and fire rescue was still on its way!!

Mrs. West's husband is a general contractor in the Keys and she was able to get the Labor Finders Homestead office phone number from promotional materials her husband had on his desk at work. She called our office and spoke to Mr. Ivan Gutierrez, the Branch Manager and asked that we provide her name and phone number to Otis so she could thank him.

Upon his arrival at the office in the afternoon, Mr. Warren was very humble and said he was not a hero. He just did what he thought was right. Mrs. West has provided our office with her contact information in order to set up a reunion and she even gave our office a lead to her husband's company so that if they ever are in need of labor, we are the first ones they think of.

She is extremely grateful for the quick thinking and fearless Mr. Otis Warren, III and so are all of us at Labor Finders.

Below please find the link of the video of Mr. Otis Warren rescuing Mrs. Peggy West.


Note to Media:

For more information on this wonderfully positive incident and to interview Mr. Warren, please feel free to contact Celina Klee, the Public Relations Manager for Labor Finders International, Inc. at 561-273-8226 or by email at Celina.klee@laborfinders.com. In addition, please be sure to check out the Labor Finders International, Inc. website at www.laborfinders.com.

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