Sheet Metal Worker - Light Industrial Job in Springdale, AR

Location: Springdale, AR

Industry: Light Industrial

Job Type: Temp

Posted: 01/13/2023

Job Ref Code: 37-72-4353

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Your Job

Do you like working with your hands and big metal tools and machines? Do you learn quickly and take pride in a job well done? Are you looking to gain and enhance your skills in a trade offering lifelong work opportunities in diverse areas of the economy? Well, if any of this describes you, then we’d love to talk to you about a Sheet Metal Worker position.

Your Day

Sheet Metal Worker responsibilities may include the following:

  • Measuring and marking sheet metal according to the blueprints and designs provided.
  • Cutting and bending sheet metal into different shapes and sizes.
  • Fabricating, assembling, and installing sheet metal according to the blueprints and designs provided using hand or power tools.
  • Using power or hand tools to buff, trim, file, and grind sheet metal surfaces.

      You will need to have the following: :
      • Ability to use hand and power tools safely and effectively.
      • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and details.
      • Basic understanding of math
      • Excellent communication skills
      • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
      • Ability to stand and walk, lift and/or move up to 50 to over 100 lbs.

        Your Gain

        What you may gain while on the job:

        • Customer service skills — dealing with multiple customers, co-workers, and superiors.
        • Enhanced communication skills — learning how to talk to diverse sets of customers, co-workers and superiors.
        • Problem solving and crisis management skills — avoiding and resolving potential negative customer experiences.
        • Teamwork — partnering with co-workers and supervisors to ensure customers are satisfied.

        Your Experience

        Less than 1 Year

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