Office Assistant - Administrative Job in Melbourne, FL

Location: Melbourne, FL

Industry: Administrative

Job Type: Temp

Posted: 01/20/2023

Job Ref Code: 25-19-3950

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Your Job

We need a reliable Office Assistant to help with running the organization and daily administrative operations.

The ideal candidate will be a hard-working professional able to handle various office support tasks. This person will be comfortable working with a high level of attention to detail and discretion, as well as incorporating new and effective ways to achieve better results.

Your Day

Office Assistant responsibilities may include the following:

  • Organizing office and assisting associate to optimize efficiency.
  • Sorting and distributing communications in a timely manner.
  • Creating and updating records, ensuring accuracy and validity of information.
  • Scheduling and planning meetings and appointments.
  • Monitoring supply levels and handling shortages.
  • Resolving office-related malfunctions and responding to requests or issues.
  • Coordinating with other departments to ensure compliance with established policies.
  • Maintaining trusting relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues.
  • Performing receptionist duties when needed.

 You will need to have the following:
  • Proven experience as a back office assistant, office assistant, virtual assistant, or in another relevant role.
  • Knowledge of “back-office” computer systems.
  • Working knowledge of office equipment.
  • Thorough understanding of office management procedures.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Analytical abilities and aptitude in problem solving.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.

Your Gain

What you may gain while on the job:

  • Staying active — the job will keep you busy and moving throughout the day.
  • Customer service skills — dealing with multiple customers, co-workers, and superiors.
  • Enhanced communication skills — learning how to talk to diverse sets of customers, co-workers and superiors.
  • Problem solving and crisis management skills — avoiding and resolving potential negative customer experiences.
  • Teamwork — partnering with co-workers and supervisors to ensure customers are satisfied.
  • Teaching & Management skills — helping train and prepare new employees for the job.
  • Rewarding career — opportunities for training, advancement to supervisory or management roles, and those with prior experience increase their chances of getting promoted or earning higher pay.

Your Experience

Less than 1 Year

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