Engineering Field Technician - Oklahoma City, OK

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Job Type: Temp

Posted: 02/04/2021

Job Ref Code: 3-2-11888

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Your Job

Are you a quick learner who’s good at performing a variety of tasks? Are you interested in soil testing and can pay close attention to detail? Well if you have any of these skills, interests, and abilities in you, then we’d love to talk to you about a great opportunity as an Engineering Field Technician.

Your Day

The job responsibilities may include the following:

  • Manually moving freight, stock, or other materials.
  • Cleaning and preparing a job site as well as loading and delivering materials.
  • Using a variety of tools and equipment such as measuring equipment, hand tools, etc.
  • Setting up and tearing down soil testing equipment.
  • Controlling traffic at road construction sites, setting up markers, cones and barricades as well as flagging vehicles to control traffic flow.
  • Working outdoors in all kinds of weather or indoors without heating or air conditioning.
  • Safety training and certification for handling dangerous substances, like lead, asbestos, and other chemicals.
  • Completing on-the-job training programs, working with a mentor, and learning basic job and safety principles.
  • Adhering to safety standards and maintaining safe storage areas.
  • Ensuring the machines, equipment

    Your Gain

    What you may gain while on the job:

    • Staying active - This job will keep you busy and constantly moving throughout the day.
    • Communication skills - provide information and coordinating with supervisors, co-workers, and external partners to carry out job logistics and daily responsibilities.
    • Learning opportunity - a chance to pick up a wide variety of useful skills.
    • Teaching & mentoring skills - helping train and prepare new employees for the job.
    • Rewarding career - opportunities for advancement to supervisory or management roles.

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