Certified Flaggers - Construction Job in Virginia Beach, VA

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Industry: Construction

Job Type: Temp

Posted: 04/21/2022

Job Ref Code: 20-11-4557

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Your Job

Are you experienced in Traffic Control, with certified training? Can you follow safety rules, maintain roads according to regulations and act in the interest of public safety? Can you stay alert, pay attention to detail and perform quality workmanship? If performing essential services related to directing traffic sounds rewarding to you, and you’re looking for a flexible job with diverse assignments, then position as a Certified Flagger could be just right for you.

Your Day

Responsibilities may include the following:

  • Flagging motorists to warn of obstacles or repair work ahead.
  • Setting up signs and cones around work areas to divert traffic.
  • Driving trucks or tractors with adjustable attachments to sweep debris from paved surfaces, mowing grass and weeds, and removing snow and ice.
  • Dumping and spreading asphalt to repair joints and patch broken pavement.
  • Driving trucks to transport crews and equipment to work sites.
  • Inspecting, cleaning and repairing drainage systems, bridges, tunnels, and other structures.
  • Hauling and spreading sand, gravel, and clay to fill washouts and repair road shoulders.
  • Erecting, installing, or repairing guardrails, road shoulders, berms, highway markers, warning signals, and highway lighting, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Removing litter and debris from roadways, including debris from rock and mud slides.
  • Cleaning and clearing debris from culverts, catch basins

    Your Gain

    What you may gain while on the job:

    • Staying active - the job will keep you busy throughout the day.
    • Technical Expertise - learning to operate and master complex tools, machinery and equipment systems.
    • Enhanced communication skills - learning how to talk clearly and effective with co-workers and superiors.
    • Problem solving and crisis management skills - avoiding and resolving potential dangerous situations.
    • Teamwork - partnering with colleagues and supervisors to ensure production & quality goals are met.
    • Teaching & Management skills - helping train and prepare new employees for the job.
    • Rewarding career - opportunities for training, advancement to supervisory or management roles. Those with prior experience increase chances of getting promoted or earning higher pay.

    Your Experience


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