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Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Job Type: Temp

Posted: 09/08/2021

Job Ref Code: 20-11-2149

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Your Job

Are you interested in working in a fast-paced hospitality environment with a chance to learn the business from the inside out? Here’s a chance to serve as an integral person to making sure an event runs smoothly, handling vital tasks including: mixing and serving beverages, collecting payment from customers, and answering customer questions.

If this sounds like the challenge you’re looking for, then a job as a Bartender could be the right role for you.

Your Day

Bartender responsibilities may include the following:

  • Mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Processing beverage sales on a cash register
  • Collecting payments from customers including cash and credit. Cleaning bar glasses and utensils.
  • Ensuring the cash drawer is balanced before and after their shift.
  • Keeping the bar counter and shelves clean and well-stocked.
  • Answering customer questions and offering drink recommendations.

      You will need to have the following: :
      • Excellent customer service skills and a friendly demeanor
      • Proven experience mixing cocktails and other beverages
      • Basic understanding of math
      • Excellent communication skills
      • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      • High School degree; additional experience as a cashier would be a plus

        Your Gain

        What you may gain while on the job:

        • Customer service skills — dealing with multiple customers, co-workers, and superiors.
        • Enhanced communication skills — learning how to talk to diverse sets of customers, co-workers and superiors.
        • Problem solving and crisis management skills — avoiding and resolving potential negative customer experiences.
        • Teamwork — partnering with co-workers and supervisors to ensure customers are satisfied.
        • Teaching & Management skills — helping train and prepare new employees for the job.
        • Rewarding career — opportunities for training, advancement to supervisory or management roles, and those with prior experience increase their chances of getting promoted or earning higher pay.

        Your Experience

        Less than 1 Year

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