Amusement Park Worker - Construction Job in NRH, TX

Location: NRH, TX 76180
Industry: Construction
Job Type: Temp
Hourly Rate: $14.00
Posted: 05/07/2024
Job Ref Code: 21-23-2572

Equal Opportunity Employer

Your Job

Are you interested in working in a fun-filled atmosphere? If you have a knack for working in fast-paced environments … like helping people have a good time … or just like the idea of working at diverse events and attractions … then a job as an Amusement Park Worker could be a great opportunity for you.

Your Day

Amusement Park jobs may require the following:

  • Constructing, maintaining, and operating thrill rides.
  • Working/operating concession stands, serving as ushers, ticket-takers or security personnel.
  • Issuing tickets or passes and handling payments at front gates, admissions booths, or offices.
  • Greeting and welcoming guests using clear and professional language.
  • Explaining and answering questions about park attractions, services, merchandise, food items, etc.
  • Working as an entertainer, or in other departments including security, marketing, or personnel.
  • Serving food and beverages, selling goods at gift shops, entertaining visitors, and managing staff.
  • Enforcing safety rules and requirements to prevent injury to staff and customers.
  • Ensuring a clean and professional personal appearance, including uniform and nametag (if needed).
  • Standing, bending, climbing stairs, and carrying items weighing 25-50 pounds.
  • Possibly working extended hours, early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays.

You will need to have the following:
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to listen carefully to customers’ orders or questions (English required).
  • A positive attitude with the ability to follow instructions and handle customer requests in a professional manner.
  • Good physical stamina and the ability to stand for extended periods of time, carry heavy trays or equipment, clean work areas, and meet customer requests without difficulty.
  • Cash handling and math skills for working ticket booths, gift shops, or any place where calculating and giving correct change is required.
  • Familiarity with mechanical or industrial arts for working and maintaining rides (prior experience a bonus).
  • Speech & theatre skills/knowledge is a bonus (for performer or entertainer roles).
  • For food service — good customer service skills and knowledge of food safety practices.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • No prior experience needed for most roles and on-the-job training is provided.
  • At least 16 years of age.

Your Gain

What you may gain while on the job:

  • Staying active — the job will keep you on the move throughout the day.
  • Customer service skills — handling multiple tasks and dealing with multiple customers.
  • Enhanced communication skills — learning how to talk to diverse sets of customers.
  • Problem solving and crisis management skills — avoiding and resolving potential negative customer experiences.
  • Teamwork — partnering with co-workers and supervisors to ensure customers are satisfied.
  • Teaching & management skills — helping train and prepare new employees for the job.
  • Rewarding career — opportunities for advancement to supervisory or management roles, and those with prior experience increase their chances of landing a job, getting promoted, and possibly earning higher pay.

Your Experience

1 Year

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Richland Hils, TX
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Equal Opportunity Employer

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