As a result of COVID-19, grocery stores like yours are feeling the strain of trying to keep those homes stocked with food and other goods. If hiring more staff is high on your priority list, make sure that you’re not only hiring the right workers but that they all have the skills to keep your grocery store operations running smoothly.

Grocery Clerks

When everyday goods like toilet paper and eggs struggle to stay on shelves, you’ll need to have extra grocery clerks to make sure goods like these are continuously stocked. Not only that, grocery clerks need to make sure product labels are front-facing, pricing stickers are correct, and the shelves are organized. Customers want to quickly find what they need and get back home. Speaking of customers, grocery clerks are also your customer service representatives. They will be the ones your shoppers will come to with their most pressing questions and concerns.


When adhering to social distancing guidelines, checkout lines have gotten longer with shoppers anxious to pay for their purchases and get home. In order to get your customers out of your store quickly and safely, the more open checkout lanes the better. Ensure that you have enough cashiers that can only work most - if not all - of your available registers during store hours – from early in the morning when seniors are shopping until closing. They are also good workers to have on hand to take customer service calls or jump in with restocking during off-peak shopping times.


Baggers are another essential supermarket worker you’ll need to make the checkout process as quick as possible for your shoppers. Now more than ever these grocery workers need to be as efficient as possible while packing up groceries in a safe way. They’ll also be in charge of restocking bags and putting away items customers no longer want. Another task that has become very important during this COVID-19 pandemic is retrieving and sanitizing shopping carts, an essential responsibility your baggers can take on.


Cleaners, custodians, and janitors are more essential than ever during this health crisis. Employing additional workers in this area will help in the effort of keeping the store as safe and as sanitized as possible for customers. Aside from the standard cleaning tasks done pre-COVID-19, high traffic areas and frequently used surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized more than usual. Make sure you have enough custodial workers on staff to take on these cleaning tasks. 

The Skills to Look For In New Grocery Store Workers

No matter which type of workers you plan to hire in your grocery store, there are common skills they should all have so these workers can integrate seamlessly with your current staff. During a time of high anxiety and stress among customers, everyone working in your store needs to have a positive attitude and stellar customer service skills. It will go a long way in putting customers at ease and giving them a great in-store experience. New workers should have a history of being reliable and showing up to work on time. Other skills to look for include being willing to do tasks outside of their core roles, a strong attention to detail, and a basic understanding of math.


Are you finding it hard to keep up with grocery operations during the COVID-19 pandemic? We can help you find the quality supermarket workers you need to keep your business going.

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