A sudden leave of absence, a big production order, or an extra busy season are just a few staffing dilemmas hiring managers like you can run into. Trying to find the staff solve those issues on your own can be a challenge in and of itself. Employing a staffing agency to help is a logical solution. But before you choose just any of the 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the US today. Here are a few things you need to know so you get the best one that fits your needs.

Staffing Agencies Are an Extension of Your Business

With a country at almost full employment finding workers can seem like an impossible task. When you employ a staffing agency, they are an extension of your company. Think of them as part of your business that’s completely dedicated to finding, screening, and managing potential temporary and direct-hire workers. They work quickly and can adapt to your changing staffing needs while keeping you abreast of industry and safety news that can affect your business. As for payroll, taxes, insurance, and other related new hire costs? The right firm will handle those as well so you can focus on running your company.

How To Hire the Right One

With so many staffing agencies to choose from, it’s important to hire one that will not only meet your immediate staffing needs but will become a long-term employment partner. Before signing a contract, make sure this recruiting agency:

Specializes In Your Industry

No one can really understand your line of work than recruiters who live and breathe the industry you specialize in. They’ve worked hard to develop a network of workers ready to work with a company like yours. These staffing agencies also understand what skills are needed to be successful in that industry, making the screening of candidates much more effective and personalized. These specialized companies can also provide the training and gear your workers may need before they start.

Has a Proven Track Record

Does this staffing agency have a track record of providing quality workers? Are they known for their quick turnaround? Do they take pride in the workers they send out? Make sure you’re working with the best staffing agency in your area. Searching for online reviews, getting referrals from your peers, checking their social profiles, and reading testimonials can help you hire the right staffing agency. You can even check out the winners of The Best of Staffing, an award that only goes to agencies with proven staffing excellence.

Understands Your Business Goals

Hiring for cultural fit as well as skill set is a concept a great staffing agency will take into account when finding workers. That’s why it’s important that they understand your company goals, values, dress code, and work ethic. It’s even better if they share those same goals and values. You can feel confident that they’ll recruit workers that will fit right in with your permanent staff.


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