Black Friday and Christmas Eve are quickly approaching and retail stores are going to be slammed with customers from here on out. If you’re looking for holiday work at your favorite mall or shopping center, here are the retail jobs you need to be applying to right now!


Holiday shoppers not only expect to get great deals, but to pay for their purchases as quickly as possible. Cashiers are the workers that make that happen, ranking as one of the hottest jobs to apply to this season. Not only will you be processing retail transactions and bagging up items for customers, but you’ll also be responsible for keeping track of cash and checks received, both before and after your shift.  Greeting customers, answering questions, and helping them return store items are also part of the cashier job description. You may also be called on to do other duties in the store, such as cleaning up and restocking unwanted items.

Skills you need: Basic math skills, excellent communication, the ability to multi-task, and a pleasant personality.

Sales Associate

Sales associates are especially crucial during the holiday season. Stores need extra workers on the sales floor to tend to all those customers coming in to make holiday purchases. In this retail job, you’ll be greeting customers as they walk in, answering any questions they may have about a product or promotion, and even offering other products or services a customer may be interested in. You should also be prepared to pitch in and do other roles like manning the cash register or stocking shelves if the work day gets extra busy.

Skills you need: Great energy, a professional appearance, attention to detail, can multitask, salesmanship, and can stand on your feet for long periods of time.


With stuff flying off the shelves during the holiday rush, stockers are going to be in high demand right now. Unloading trucks, marking items with the correct labels, stacking products on shelves and tables, and making sure customers can get the things they’re shopping for, are handled by these retail workers. They also help make sure the sales floor is clean and well-kept so shoppers have a great in-store experience. Not only will they work during store hours, but they are also needed to work either early morning or late night shifts.

Skills you need: Healthy enough to handle the physical demands of the job such as bending and lifting, great with customers, and a strong attention to detail.


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