Fact: The US logistics industry delivers 48 million tons of freight a day and employs approximately 6 million people.

With the holidays around the corner, that number is sure to double and businesses like yours need to be prepared. Here’s what you need to know about getting seasonal help in this industry.

The Labor Shortage

The logistics industry is among the many industries suffering from a shortage of workers. In a study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the manufacturing and warehousing sectors will be short 2 million workers. To get the workers they need, many companies are offering better incentives – premium pay, benefits, and more. They’re also looking for people with transferable skills and not limiting their talent pool to only experienced logistics workers.

So are you ready to staff up for the holidays? Here are the workers you’ll need for your logistics business.

Shipping and Packing Workers

This group of workers is the lifeblood of your logistics business. You’ll need enough workers to pack up your orders safely and efficiently, then get them out to your customers. That work entails: adhering and scanning the right barcodes, checking products for missing parts or defects, measuring freight, checking inventory, and using shipping software to properly track packages. They can also be responsible for maintaining your inventory, making sure your goods are properly stored to avoid damage.

Skills to look for: basic understanding of math, comfortable using tech like scanners and computers, can lift heavy boxes, and a strong attention to detail.

Loaders and Unloaders

Getting the supplies you need in and out of your warehouse are the main responsibility of loaders and unloaders. Moving products on and off trucks, processing incoming and outgoing shipments, assembling crates, and keep loading docks free of any hazards are just some of their job responsibilities. If you don’t have enough of these people, it can cause serious holiday delays that will disappoint your end-users.

Skills to look for: a quick learner, the physical ability to lift heavy freight, and know how to work safely.

Truck Drivers

Often the first thing people think of when it comes to logistics, truck drivers are the last leg of the distribution workflow. Not only do they have to make sure your products get to and from plants, distribution centers, and stores, they are also responsible for keeping their vehicles in the best shape. While it’s no secret that the shortage of truck drivers is still a major issue, there are ways to make the job a lot more attractive to both to experienced and beginner CDL drivers.

Skills to look for: Properly licensed, can spot safety hazards before they happen, the stamina to drive long distances, and organizational skills to handle the paperwork that comes along with the job.


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