Is high season or the recent outbreak of COVID-19 flooding your business with cleaning requests? Finding workers to add to your cleaning crew may be your top priority. If so, making sure the workers you hire have these seven qualities can make all the difference for your business.


When a client hires you to clean their residential or commercial facility, they trust your crew to be around their valuable assets. They trust that not only will they do the best cleaning job but will take special consideration of their valuables as well as be upfront with any issues that may arise. That’s why it’s important for your cleaning crew to be honest and trustworthy so you can trust them on the job. Asking for recommendations and references during the hiring process can help to determine a candidate’s level of honesty.


Clients are counting on you to handle all cleaning and sanitation duties on a regular basis, especially now that there’s an increasing demand for your services. You have to be able to count on your cleaning crew to report to work every day, on time and ready to work. When hiring additional staff, make sure they have a history of being a reliable worker.

Can Work on Their Own

Cleaning jobs can be a solitary endeavor, even if a crew is dispatched to a client’s place of business. Your best workers need to be able to work on their own, especially if your crew has a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. Be sure to hire quality cleaning workers that are comfortable with working on their own and don not require supervision the entire time while working.

An Extreme Attention to Detail

No matter if it’s an office building or someone’s personal kitchen, cleaning crews are expected to do a thorough job, leaving no corner untouched. So your cleaning workers need to be very detailed oriented – cleaning behind things, dusting every corner, and scrubbing down every surface. It is important that they are consistent with doing an impeccable job every time, ensuring that a client continues to use your services.


With an increased demand for your services, due to CDC's COVID-19 cleaning guidelines, you can’t afford for your cleaning crews to take longer than necessary to complete their assignment. Chances are you may have to service multiple locations in one day. Not only does your cleaning crew need to be efficient and manage their time effectively, they need to do so without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Positive Attitude

This line of work can be grueling, taking up a lot of time and energy. However, if your cleaning crew doesn’t have a positive attitude it can only add to the stress of running a business. Not only that, a poor attitude can bleed over to your customers, which could cost you your clients. That’s why it’s a good idea to not only hire for technical skills but for soft skills like positive attitudes as well.

Physical Stamina

Cleaning offices, homes, and other commercial spaces can be a physically taxing job and the workers your hire has to be able to deal with the physical demands of the job. From the job description to the interviews, make sure you’re clear about what is physically required including how many hours required on their feet and any bending or climbing that may be involved.


With slowing down the spread of COVID-19 quickly becoming a top priority in our country, the demand for quality cleaning services is higher than ever. Click here to speak to a personal job agent to learn more about how we can help!