The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the shortage of warehouse workers already plaguing this industry. If you find that your warehouse is in dire need of staff, here are the five types of workers and the skills to look for during the hiring process.

Warehouse Clerks

One of the types of workers your warehouse may need during this unseasonably busy season is warehouse clerks. With the influx of orders, you’ll need those extra hands to handle a myriad of tasks that can slow down production if not handled promptly. Extra warehouse clerks can help with stocking shelves, processing customer orders, and labeling products. They’ll be needed to load and unload shipments, write reports as well as track inventory. Warehouse clerks are also useful for making sure the overall state of the warehouse is clean, sanitized, and organized so it’s a safe environment for everyone to work in.

Forklift Operator

Loading and unloading products, storing materials, keeping track of inventory, and pulling items off warehouse shelves are crucial tasks in your warehouse. That’s why it’s important to staff enough forklift operators to handle the extra production orders. They are also responsible for checking and maintaining the heavy equipment they operate every day. The new workers you hire for this position should have a track record of working safely on job sites. Other soft skills to hire for include: the ability to communicate; follow instructions; strong attention to detail; and is attentive while working. If you provide on-the-job training and/or certifications, ensure that these programs meet current CDC safety guidelines.

Warehouse Packers

Also known as pickers, these warehouse workers are needed to get your final products ready for shipment. Counting products, inspecting them for defects, and getting them packaged up correctly are just a few of their core responsibilities. You may also need extra packers to remove defective items from the assembly line and keep track of packing materials. When hiring workers for this position, make sure they know how to work efficiently and accurately because this is a very fast-paced position. It would be helpful if they have some background or experience using computer systems.

Shipping and Receiving Clerks

Right along with hiring additional packers, it may be wise to hire extra shipping and receiving workers. They are also your extra eyes, checking out for defective products so they don’t get sent out to customers as well as assisting in the shipping of orders. These workers are also in charge of making sure your warehouse gets all the materials it needs to keep up with production. They check all incoming shipments, working with warehouse associates on tracking inventory. Shipping and receiving clerks can also assist with loading and unloading merchandise as well as reviewing delivery slips and invoices.

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