Food distributions businesses had to ramp up their business operations because of the dramatic shift of how people shop due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With increased demand comes an increasing need for additional workers – something your food distribution business may be experiencing right now. Aside from making sure all the new staff you decide to hire are aware of what you’re doing to keep them healthy and safe, here’s what to keep in mind when it comes to hiring for these four key positions.

Warehouse Selectors

With the sudden rise in food product orders, your food distribution center must have enough warehouse selectors to process them. When hiring additional help in this position, make sure they have the physical stamina to handle pulling products as well as packing them and get them on the truck for delivery. They should be comfortable using technology especially if your current warehouse selectors rely on it to get the status and location of in-stock items. Potential workers also should be aware that this job may require long shifts, working weekends, as well as working under strict time deadlines. They should know that their work is crucial to making sure their local grocery store shelves stay stocked.

Forklift Operators

The workers responsible for moving cases and palettes to and from the receiving dock are another set of workers that are essential during this time. Whoever you add to the team, they need to be a stickler for safety, as they are operating heavy industrial equipment. They also must have great attention to detail – paying attention to the dates of the inventory they’re rotating, identifying any damaged goods, keeping the slots clean, checking manifests, and maintaining their heavy equipment. Because this is a skilled job and may be harder to find workers that are certified, consider partnering with a staffing agency to get help finding them.

Dock Workers

Once items are pulled, wrapped, and packed you need to have plenty of dock workers on hand to get them loaded and secured for transportation. Like forklift operators, they also need to be meticulous with their work as they are responsible for tasks such as loading special orders, monitoring trailer temperatures, and sorting any mail. They have to be good communicators, as they have to deliver and receive information from shipping and receiving workers. Dock workers also need to be physically fit for doing things such as moving shipping containers and pallets as well as keeping the dock clean. When interviewing potential candidates, make sure they’re also able to work quickly and accurately.

Janitorial Workers

A distribution center that is clean, organized, and well-stocked with essential supplies is one that can handle the extra work bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having enough janitorial staff can help your business accomplish this. Because keeping your center clean and sanitized is of the utmost importance to your business operations, make sure the workers you hire can follow these strict procedures. Let them know this high level of cleaning applies to all areas of your center – from break rooms to the warehouse floor. Though they aren’t directly involved with the food distribution process, they're crucial to making sure your distribution center is a safe place to work.


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