Even though you may be pressed to hire more flaggers for your construction project due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to make sure you’re taking the following steps in attracting and hiring the right candidates.

Have a Detailed Job Description

The first step in making sure you attract the right traffic control flaggers is to have a detailed job description. The headline should be clear and descriptive so job seekers know right away what the job is about. It should also include those search terms that flaggers would use to find job openings in their area. Provide a comprehensive list of the day-to-day job responsibilities of being a flagger on your crew as well as all the equipment they would be using. Make sure you include any certification and experience requirements. It’s also a great idea to include a brief - but engaging - section that lays out your company history, mission, and values. This can go a long way in helping your job ad stand out.

Interview Potential Traffic Control Flaggers

While an application may give you an idea of a flagger’s experience, sit down with them one-on-one so you can truly vet them. You can not only verify their past work experience and get references, you can make sure they have these four critical skills before you hire them.

Communication Skills

For flaggers, the difference between a great day on a construction site and a disastrous one is how well they communicate with drivers and other flaggers. That’s why being able to communicate is a key soft skill your new flaggers should have. Aside from knowing how to use all of their signaling devices, they must also be able to follow directions and communicate any safety hazards as quickly as possible.

Physical Fitness

Another skill you should look for when hiring traffic control flaggers is great physical health. The job requires being on their feet for long periods of time as well as doing additional tasks such as moving traffic cones and clearing debris.

Must be Alert

Flaggers must also be very alert and able to anticipate safety hazards so they can work quickly to prevent them. Like many construction jobs, a flagger has to be alert and focused at all times because the job can be dangerous.

Can Work in a Team

Flaggers don’t work alone but rather in teams, communicating with each other throughout the workday. Your new traffic control flaggers need to be team players as it takes a group effort to keep a road construction site safe.

Implement Social Media into Your Recruiting Strategy

In a time where social distancing is the norm, social media has become an essential medium for people to find work. Having a strong and consistent presence on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn increases your chances of reaching and hiring the workers you’re looking for. These social media giants have tools and features just for recruiting the people regularly using their platform.


Are you finding it hard to keep up with road construction projects during the COVID-19 pandemic? We can help you find the quality traffic control flaggers workers you need to keep your business going.

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