Did you know that the average cost per hire is $4,129 and the average time it takes to fill a position is 42 days? These statistics from SHRM’s 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report just affirm what you already know – finding workers costs time and money. Going without the staff you need is even more costly. Enlisting the help of a staffing agency is an option and, contrary to popular belief, can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s how.

They Provide Cost-Saving Staff

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a new employee costs an average of $57, 967.88 when you account for costs like wages, taxes, and benefits. This can turn out to be more costly if you don’t need permanent staff. Staffing agencies provide temporary workers on an as-needed basis so you’re not wasting time and money on permanent ones that you may not need a few months from now. They also provide workers you can have on a temporary basis before deciding if you want to invest in hiring them full time.

Find Workers Quickly

Work is piling up and you need workers fast. Staffing companies are more than equipped to get your projects back on track with the people you need. There are more than 3 million temp and contract employees working for these agencies every week, according to the American Staffing Association. That means they have an extensive network of workers at all career levels that you wouldn’t have the time to cultivate on your own. Since they have an established work history with their pool of people, they can quickly find those who fit the requirements you need in an employee. Staffing agencies also handle new-hire training and HR paperwork so all you need to do is greet your new employee and get them to work.

They Absorb Advertising Costs

Writing job descriptions, advertising job openings, attending job fairs and weeding through resumes come along with the costly and time-sucking chore of finding workers. Staffing agencies can do all of this, knowing how to market to the industries they work in every day. Recruiters are efficient when sifting through applications, looking for those who have the skills, personality and traits needed to do the job you’re advertising. As for costs, they take these on too so you can concentrate on keeping your business running while you get the workers you need.

Pay for Employee Benefits

When you partner up with a staffing agency you save on costs associated with keeping workers employed. Healthcare premiums, unemployment insurance, workers comp., vacation/ sick leave – they’re all the responsibility of the staffing agency since this worker is technically employed by them. Staffing agencies act as your personal HR department, handling the payroll, associated costs and the paperwork of every contract worker they send out to you.

Screen and Interview Workers

Background checks, driving records, drug screenings, skill assessments, interviews – they’re essential for hiring the right workers but can cost you time and money. Instead of skimping on them and risking getting a bad worker, have a staffing agency handle it all. People are screened and tested according to your preferences and job description before they even walk through your door.

How Can Labor Finders Help You?

When you work with one of our nationwide offices, you’ll save both time and money from finding skilled workers in your industry, to handling social security and unemployment insurance costs. We also handle screening, conduct skill assessments and offer certifications in some areas.

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